Alright i fixed it should work now :P sorry bout that.
Ahh thank you Mario, I'm sorry i was busy had to make some other css's

But your's is next to do ok :)

But it's currently 1.35am here, so i'm not gonna do it tonight, I can hardly see straight.

haha alright thanks Teka :D
I now realize u never said any colors you wanted at all o.o
idunno really what ever you think would look cool but could u possible make the design like falacy i like the kinda bubble style thing XD
Hey Teka, I kinda fail at everything CSS... could you help me out by doing this?

Page header title : Haruki's Nest

Color theme: Can you use black and a silver/grey color, please?

Background: Can you use this image, but, although it's small, make it look good? swords.jpg

Hover affect: Yes please!
Hey shadow :) sure i can have a go at that, could you give me the privileges to do so, I've become a fan ;)

Manage Site ->
Manage Fans/contributors ->
On left there's a box to Add ranks ->
Make the rank Layout Manager and click add rank ->
Click Add privilege and select Manage layout.
Then find me in the default rank and move me to the Layout manager.
Alright, done.
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