Happy birthday deary :D
And lol. Like the picture.
Happy birth day homie :0
Happy birthday and good luck with life, Teka. (:
Happy birth day teka and tell you mum happy mothers day as well
Happy Birthday Teka!

Dungeondan, Teka lives in the UK, Mothers day was in April for us.
Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday Teka. :)!
Damn your getting old!

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday bestfriend !
- I'll be over later to give you your present *wink wink* :)
Happy Birthday Tim.
Happy Birthday! Always fun to put a face to a name after so many years.

Happy Birthday, Teka.
The picture is great and thanks again for the layout. ;)
Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday Tim! Sorry for forgetting it =(
Happy birthday, bro!
Now go enjoy the booze and strippers I sent your way. ;]

Seriously though; Have a great day, man.
Happy Birthday! :D
Everyone is gonna say happy birthday but I won't! I found something even better to express that.
I'm upset that wasn't a rickroll.
Happy Birthday Don. When your reign ends. I shall become the new Don of the Teka Co Mafia.
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