Stephen001 wrote:
I'm upset that wasn't a rickroll.
Thought about it. Too cliche and I hate cliches.
I think by cliche, you mean awesome.
You have no idea how much it pained me to post that for you.
Happy BIRTHDAY!?!?
happy b-day bro
Also I'm fairly sure Teka doesn't HAVE a birthday.
And none of you exist. Now back to my sky fortress.
Take like OVER 9000 showers. Wookies tend to smell really bad after not showering for months on end.
Happy Birthdaaaaaay~
Happy Birthday, yo!
You have never been older than now.
Congratulations :/

I wish you good luck :)
Thank you very much everyone :) so many unexpected people said happy birthday, but so many expected people didn't lol.
Aww well. :D it's ok. thank you again.
I said it becausee your my bestfriend :D
Happy mothers day teka.
Mother's day was ages ago, in the uk ;) lol.
But Thank you Turles, i was hoping you would say .. something along those lines :)

and Flysbad :O we should talk a little bit longer before we reach Best friend status :O hehe :D
2 days ago happy birthday!...:O
Happy birthday
It's because I'm BLACK isn't it ? Is that the only reason why you don't wanna be my bestfriend now ? huh ? Juuuustt kidding, I'm white , and you never talk to meh !
Bad joke Flysbad.
happy birthday u don't know me and i don't know u but i still will say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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