If ever there will be a new Don... It shall be me and only me. I am the one guy perfect enough to be the new Mafia boss.
What did Teka do for zane that make him broke? o.o
Ill icon tables,chairs,and furniture
He Bought Zane A 5 Year Membership
I can help you with programming :) I'm an Intermediate Programmer and an Interface maker as well, so tell me if you need my help. :)
I can't really help you, but i can icon a lil IDK for bleach, i got a Q. do you know how To do the CSS when ur byond member i'm getting one
I would like to help you , sir. With nothing in return other than respect XD.
Yo teka you know who it is i can do most of the in-animate objects and some moves i already put in a application on the forums but i need a way to contact you when i have them done so add my current key Psychotic_Samurai and page me to check on my progress alright man take it easy and dont work too hard haha
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