Also you will meet more english players as you level the low level areas there is barely anybody there and also channel 2 is where all the spanish speakers are go on Channel 1.
Hey Ryuk your right, it's all thanks to you i love dbz, and i always wanted to try the game, so when i saw your post i instantly tried it out :)

After a while i decided it'd be good to get even more people on the game, and i thought that i would make a post regarding what to do since some of my friends wanted to play and wanted to know what to do.

So i decided to make a slightly detailed informative post in the hope of enticing more people to play, but thanks for letting us know about this.
hey teka. how ya been bro? remember me?
You stopped using pager or something?
Never saw you online there.
Dragonball Zen Is Back up. if you like to play, come and join us :D

Connecting to byond://
ohh nice to see zen's alive, though i probably won't go back to it :(.

And i may have also become slightly bored of DBO mmo lol.
Im lv 50 on the game XD funny part is i see more BRs then anyothers in that game =/
Emojing2 wrote:
Im lv 50 on the game XD funny part is i see more BRs then anyothers in that game =/

Whats your name in game?
Teka what version u play korean or TW?
TW because you don't need any info and it just takes a few mins to make an account :)

Unlike the Korean version which i hear you need a Korean number or something along those lines to make the account...
Ohh i got a TW acc but never used it i usually beo n Korean. But i think ima move to TW cause i hear theres more english players and id like ot play wit u sumtimes ;D.
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