Well add the outer trim and they will be a 10/10 instead of a 9/10! ;) Keep up the good work.
trollololol =P your version 1 sado blast is still the best.
I think I have to agree, I like the first Sado Blast as well.
Teka y u so pro pixel artist :o?
Yusuke13 wrote:

Avainer1 wrote:
Yusuke13 wrote:

Thanks for fixing it, I dunno what happened o__o
Good job on the version2's. Right noe im on my ipod.. But anyways. Keep up the good work!
Thanks :D! ok i am now doing V3's with.. Cel shading!
V3 stuffs looking mighty fine =)
V3 icons have been added.
All of the Version 3s look much better. Good job. =]
not on topic but Teka can you check out my site something is wrong with it and I cant see any of the letters its all messed up
dude excellent icons.

off topic:
how do i get my site listed? like if u look at a game u click related and u see listed in sites....how do i get it listed?

anything u can do will be appreciated.

@2010-2011 hj Inc
ya boy hj
my only piece of advice i could give is on the quincy barrier, the shade colour needs to be darker and it needs a black outline.
ok it's sorted Death :) thanks mouss and mecha, sorry i forgot about the outline for quincy prison.

Anyway i have uploaded Quincys Sprenger V2! V3 will be coming with cel shade attempt and more detail and animation to the beams etc.
The Inoue shields look a lot nicer... And that Sprenger looks pro.
Wow, the Sprenger looks awesome! *Steals* Jk but nicely done. =]
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