I'll be making a comment here when we go live.

http://tekacomafia.com/ You can all feel free to order a server if you wish, but DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY YET, first 10 to order can have 10% off when it's time to pay as an opening treat. The site is not finished yet either, just thought I'd let you all know there is something there and happening lol.
Ordered. =3
I set it up so me and Teka get emails as well, and emails go through to my phone, so if an order is placed (even when live), I can get on to set it up. :)

I also edited my post, it'll be 10% off, not 1 dollar to the first 10 clients, and it's not just for one month, it's 10% off for as long as you're with us. :D
Well thats good, i ordered the top server so hopefully i was one of the first ten? Lol.
Yeh you were. When payment needs to be sent, you'll only need to send $36 with your 10% discount. I'll make a post here as well as on the website when we go live. Then emails will be sent to all of the clients who have orded asking for payment, and how much payment.
Yey! Alright thanks. Sorry for not replying to your page, but i wasn't home. Ive added you so feel free to page me when you get the chance.
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