..> Oh no they didnt!
Hey. HEY. Stop voting on Myrthia and Legends of Eden. Vote for Regalia Nevermore or Tales of Ether :[
Chronicles of Chlamydia
UPD4T3 wrote:
Ether is an awesome drug.

for the last time D:<
MasterMerv wrote:
ShadeCyberPlatinum wrote:
Lol, Fantasie.

Nice catch.

I kept looking at that one and thinking there was something up with it.
Holly molly what's with the one sided vote now! o.o
:( I was looking forward to seeing some epic weapon with my name in.

May aswell end the poll now lol
If one submission can get that many votes that quick, so can another ;)
Tales of .....Anything may actually be violating a few copyright laws just so you know.
Now the top name is one of those anime names.
It doesn't make a bit of sense, and tries to look logical.
Myrthia is not an anime name, imo.
I.. can't pick any of these... What's the basis of the game anyways?
Bravo1 wrote:
I.. can't pick any of these... What's the basis of the game anyways?

"It's one of those medieval RPG game, with a turn based combat system somewhat similar to known anime titles."
Okay. Voted.

Wow, really, Myrthia? It's a fine name but, if you ask me it doesn't roll off the tongue very easily.
Lyesia sounds smooth :)
Lyesia - Sounds like a eye condition..,
Eisatnaf - Sounds kinda cool,
Myrthia - Sounds like a slang name for crystal meth..,
Tregommar - Sounds kinda Dwarven but ok,
Regalia Nevermore - Sounds like a reject Square Enix title,
Three Worlds - Rip off of Two Worlds,
Tale of Ether - Tale of (Anything) = copyright infringement,
Trystialia - Sounds kinda decent,
Clasdaylia Clanx - Just WTF??,
Tales of Runethia - Tale of (Anything) = copyright infringement,
Ronatu: Battle of the Inquisition - Pretty nice title,
Darkmagium - Also a nice title (my favorite),
Legends of Eden - Legends of = over used.
@MechaCloud Eye condition, lol.

Ronatu: Battle of the Inquisition sounds nice.

Legend of Eden or Tale of Ether.
12 hours left to vote, this is going to be a close one.
a close one? are you being sarcastic?, the Crystal Meth name is clearly in the lead by 15 votes.
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