Teka123 wrote:
D-Cire King of the Mantis's.

I want to be a talking owl named Kumo. >D
EmpirezTeam wrote:
Teka123 wrote:
Yes! more than any other game here! now shush, your making me look less original. :O lol ah well yeah i'm always influenced by other games :)

Its cool, we need more games like BoE or UP's Dragon Warrior Mythology. I enjoyed the games we had back in 05 more than the ones we have now.

I didn't even know BYOND still had games
Well a good original rp game!
Use Me (thats what she said xD)
I think you need a moose.
He needs a pervy rapist D:
I can see it now!
A White massive troll rabbit in a cave, shadows blocking the view - Suddenly it jumps out and bursts out a massive groan and then kills it's enemy.
Tadahshi Rabbit.

New image added at the bottom ^^
My underwear is supposed to be hot pink but meh.
Sorry about that, I think i have corrected my error.
Teka123 wrote:
Sorry about that, I think i have corrected my error.

Now give him inf HP and he'll be ready to go.
The Empirez Strikes back has begun...
I know that has nothing to do with it, but can you do my CSS Teka :| I know there's gonna be the update in few days but i don't care if it's pointless :)
lol Jlxati :P

Sorry Vegeta, i won't do any more Css's im afraid lol, we will loose them Very soon anyway lol.
if it were programmed well and therefore probably designed well i would play this

but the gameplay will be crappy. this game's probably going to happen though, yut does not doubt it
Teh mantis must be bigggerrr, it has to have colossal status!

@Screenshot; Win.
I am beast
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