Okay, woah. You've got shading? Pff. Show off.
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King-manga-man wrote:
Egor, i think this post is more than definatly not serious, i think tim was just trying to have fun with his art not actually improve, give him a break.

Actually it looked so fun i decided to ditch my drawing hand and i did this with my left :P


I wanted to chip in :P

I know i know, i but he wrote

"Ahh i'm kidding, I know im not great 0.0 hell i cant even shade lol, I was a little bored, and everything i draw is another step to getting better at pixel art? somehow, maybe"

so i thought linking that book shouldnt hurt anybody, and someone maybe will find it useful


Thanks Jonaz, Thanks Egor, I'll take a look at it :) i do need some guidance on anatomy to be honest!
I think a certain dragon needs mentioning that can rape all others..

I can't see it mecha, your drop box file isn't working for me.!
should show up now
Lmaoo epic
You forgot. Dragons have penises.

Ah damn i forgot Avainer, well mines in clothes so it's all fine!
not really trogdor anymore
Sorry i cant compete with your amazing art as you know.

I will combat any picture with my own version! and i have no idea about this Trogdor!
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Teka123 wrote:
and i have no idea about this Trogdor!

I apologies for my ignorance on Trogdor.

I'm going to have to try and Wobble that jabber.
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Yut Put wrote:

Lol here's my jabba.

Don't think it turned out to bad, meh im a fail copy artist. lol
*Googles an image and posts his name in it and says to all, "I win."*

I would draw but apparently online classes ruin your day 6/7 of the times. And then that 1 day you are busy all day. :o..
Yut Put, polish it :O Really nice base for even nicer pixel-art :P
I made that a long time ago, it was just a quick MS paint pencil tool sketch colored over with the paint brush all done in an hour or so. its not for anything so there's no need but thats the only dragon i have so yeah
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F0lak wrote:
What's all this talk of moons? *coughs at his avatar*

If you ever change your picture now and someone looks at this then you have completely ruined their life.
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