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Jan 6 2020, 11:38 pm
I didn't even know you are the same age as me. Thought you were so much older than me back in the day.
Dr. Crawler
Oct 9 2019, 8:56 pm
Teka, whats wrong with you? You have donated 10000 dolars! Why? WHY? Oh my god i just broke my keyboard, now im using my old one... But still why?!
Jun 16 2019, 7:56 am
Dragon Ball Zen?
May 23 2018, 3:14 pm
yooo teka it's been forever Idk if you remember me but hit me up
Jun 13 2017, 7:01 am
Hey, can u send me Dragonball Zen to me host it? please :D

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Teka123's Favorite Games

by Teka123 | Dec 23 2011
Fantasy, RPG, Adventure:-Beta - Download available.
An action rpg; with spells, potions, weapons, armor, hirelings, quest galore and a huge map to explore.
by Falacy | Mar 3 2012
by SuperAntx | Jan 2 2013
Tags: action, puzzle, retro, rpg
There is no hope for ye who descends into darkness.
by Flysbad | Feb 22 2013
Tags: action, adventure, pvp, rpg
by Teka123 | Sep 12 2008
An action pvp game with a role to fulfill that you choose to dominate the game.
by Kanak | Aug 25 2004
The Original DragonBall Zen created by the DragonBall Zen Staff. Now back up due to request from our fans. Enjoy!
by MDC | Jul 27 2010
by Jyardt Games | Nov 12 2012
Explore a vast open world full of dangers and wonders
by Edit Nero | May 4 2014
Tags: action, adventure, rpg
Where does your journey begin?
by Teka123 | Aug 18 2011
by Yash 69 | Sep 5 2008
Mystic Fighers / Dragonball Z Sagas Unleashed
by Zete | Sep 11 2009
Tags: fangame
An Online Turn-Based Strategy RPG - Play as a Team!
Fun and 100% original game by Jonaz and Troj.
by Megablaze | Mar 12 2012
A sidescrolling action adventure game developped for S.D.Guild contest.
by Falcon lazorz | Jan 6 2014
Tags: casual, pvp, shooter
These planes are out of this World
by Chris Gayle | Sep 20 2011
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
by Iccusion Entertainment | Sep 5 2003
Tags: fantasy, rpg
Online role-playing game that takes place in a fantasy world.
by Chwgt | Mar 19 2013
Journey through a fun R-PVP world of Greek and Roman Mythology.
by Zete | May 11 2014
A fantastical online tactical-MORPG. Join now, play for free!

Teka123's Favorite Resources

by Forum_account | May 23 2012
Tags: framework, rpg
A framework for developing action RPGs.
by MechaCloud | Jun 16 2013
Tags: icons
A random bunch of free icons I've released from my unfinished projects.

Teka123's Favorite People