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Calvin Broadus
Yesterday, 7:35 pm
Hey, I'm looking for the other platform you run DU on. Wanna hook me up?
Jul 24, 10:37 am
what just happend to du
Jan 21, 8:57 am
I'm a long time player of DU. I've been playing Doniu's servers for the past year and apparently, there is some sort of disagreement between you guys. Doniu is taking this out on the players of his server. He is starting to ban one player a day on his servers and threatening to limit his servers to a max of 30 players until his concerns are addressed(by you Tens). This concerns me, being an avid fan of the game. I'm concerned for the future of DU and the consequences that this course of action will bring forth. I'm on board with whatever is needed to increase DU's general player base and player retention. Please at least talk to the man before me, and many other veteran players just say "Fuck DU" and leave a very limited community of players. Having disagreements with one of your most prolific hosts doesn't seem to be working out very well for either of you.The future of DU is in your hands Tens... please do what you can to make it a bright one.
Jan 10, 6:02 am
Any chance you can message me, Tens? On Skype, Discord, or Byond?
Azami Would Want Me To Do It
Jan 1, 10:28 pm
Solution to the Server Problem: A clear declaration, perhaps on the hub, that you have the right to take measures temporary or permanent to increase the population on The Official Server. Then do so whenever you feel like it, or if you don't, then don't.

1. A good server for yourself if you wish to play.
2. I can't be 100% on this, but perhaps you will make more pack money. I suspect people are more inclined to buy packs where Admin abuse isn't around to make the difference. Many people have quit Adminless and the whole game rather than gone to Doniu's 2 servers (partly because he bans some of them).
3. This will definitely increase your player base. The logic is simple: Noobs want admins, better players generally do not. Better players are generally more invested into the game than noobs, making them the pickier players. Meaning that if you ever actually used your right to do this, you would most likely keep the noobs and obtain more better players who I suspect are more likely to buy packs.

Why this is ok to do: Hosts will otherwise almost completely rule your game. That is vastly unfair since becoming a Host has little to do with merit, herd mentality often dictates server populations, and most importantly they almost always, if not always abuse alot. Ultimately, they deserve it anyway.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, AND ADD THIS TO THE DECLARATION IF YOU WANT: The use of such a right is completely by your discretion, you don't owe anybody anything and can use it as much (even all the time) or as little (even never) as you want. Do it with this mindset and the only work you have to do is writing something down.

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