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Jun 29 2019, 9:18 pm
AoO is making a come back! I've recently dug up old files from the previous AoO and New Era; everything has been scratched once again and progress has started anew. Using updated controls within BYOND AoO won't have any lag and tons of new features! This thread will serve as an update,suggestion,bug report, really just everything for the game until a more thought-out forum is designed!(already have a beta in-game forum) As of right now AoO has tons of combat features and lots of easter-eggs to keep players busy as the alpha rolls out. So with that being said if anyone that has fanned the game is still active I encourage you to keep on the look out for when the game goes up, I will post before hand when the server will come up and try to make it a regular thing as more is added on, but keep in mind it is just an alpha so there's only a few hours worth of gameplay!
Right now;
Dynamic NPC leveling(yeah, the NPCs get stronger based on the server average level---does have a cap though--)

A little over 30 different powers and over 12 different techniques

Only a 500x500 map for now

3 different terrains and over 5 different enemies

Keep on the look out for progress!

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