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Drake 1235
Apr 13 2013, 7:50 pm
Chaos I would really like the code for this so I can keep the game running, I really like what you did with the game and want to continue your work. The source code would be really nice. I have the host files already and have a player base. I have a coder plus myself that can work on the game. Also I can map and I have someone who can icon. I would like to see your work successful, so could I please have the code.
Drake 1235
Apr 1 2013, 10:15 am
Since I couldn't ask you there, I'll ask you here.I don't know if you want to continue the Failed Fate you were working on, but I would like to keep it going. If you don't want to continue could you give me the code, if you do why don't you work on it again.
Drake 1235
Apr 1 2013, 9:53 am
Hey Chaos it's Drake I need to talk to you message me on the pager if you get the chance.
Apr 1 2013, 9:53 am
Hey Chaos, May you talk with Drake 1235 a bit please?
Sep 24 2012, 10:33 am
Hey, I added you on my pager! So When ever your on add me "Deathwisps" and we can talk on there about my concern on me hosting for you 24/7. Alright thanks man!

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Come join in a Dragonball experience that helped shape the genre on BYOND.
The long enjoyed peace has come to an end. Travel the world as you fight back the darkness in Dragon Quest Hero's ...
by Flash_war | Oct 4 2002
This is the official version of DWQ.
The ball of light has been lost. Gain power as you search for it in this large world.
A Dragon Warrior-themed building game; complete with warps for towns, caves, and multi-level houses!
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An ORPG where you can: fight in a coliseum, farm, mine, fuse runes, be in a guild war, protect your village from a ...
by TheChaos_weeds | Apr 10 2012
by Ryan-hemsley | Sep 27 2013
A game in develepment based on the anime Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima.
by Dalze | Nov 18 2003
The host files for FailedFate Online.Only certain people can host!
Play Hunter X Hunter online!
by Secxs | Mar 28 2008
Entice your sense of exploration!
by Phatguns13 | Sep 24 2009
Tags: action, pvp, rpg
Alpha v1003.00
by Kija | Apr 10 2017

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