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Mar 8 2014, 2:16 pm
Hey. Man.
How i can a unbolt ALL doors at station, if i can't use a camera mode? i can use camera mod if AI in AI Core.
I will be at a intelcard.
And...i will unbolted a AI upload doors. I will unbolted - and u will baned me.
ANd i don't want to shock doors. I forbide unshock doors. Really. Sorry with that. I'm not a griefer.
Only what i want - this is a little bit of RP and fun and/or building.
You know, what i shocked a doors? b'cos more idiot's want a destroy station, and AI need to close all doors. I don't want to shock. I will want to shock at 30 sec, and re-shock it. I forbide unshock it. Sorry for shoocket party. ;)
The Flagbearer
Jul 15 2013, 12:04 pm
Haven't been on BYOND in a while! I wonder if Death Note Online is still up...

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