Any name other than Justin Bieber is pretty much on the same level to me - higher than Justin Bieber.
Maximus_Alex2003 wrote:
My name is Robert. I don't enjoy it, but it's my name. It makes me who I am.

a) I guessed you'd be back.
b) I always assumed your name was Alex.
c) A name doesn't make you who you are - it just identifies who you are.

Thank you all for your interesting comments. I feel this blog certainly was worth it.
I wonder why someone put a nay there. It doesn't bother me much, but it could be interesting to know just what they disagree with.
Sorry to ruin the flow of interesting comments. Anyway in order I name nameless people I come across you know that as well as I do them I happen to think them not accepting it is there problem. Hard to say exactly on that spike is pretty close to a Latin term though. It depends on the level preexisting language and what you count as developed even the most solid of languages are fundamentally fluid so they are constantly developing and warping. IF a language only has a few simple ideas it would only take a few weeks but is that really a language. There is more then one language because languages twist apart and it makes a cultural line which is often quite intentional English for example is what happens when a lot of Germans and French people invaded a land where the Kelts and Swedes happened to have a mixed up language. Languages developed from mixing others are simple. A name is pretty when it sounds nice and is not associated with anything you hate. There is a pattern to what sounds nice in general. A name is ugly if you hate what is assoicated with or if it is akward to say or just lacks anything redeemable. But a name as a concept is always pretty/petty either or possibly both. And culture decides which gender a name belongs too nothing more nothing less. I do not want to hit you at all this is the most fun I have had all week. I am me remember. My favorite name that is not Kavoir is: Karen it is just prefect for several reasons.
That's one of the most beautiful moments the Bard ever created, Juliet casting off the fear that she and Romeo might not be able to love one another with such a poetic phrase.

My favourite name is a difficult question. On the one hand I could (rather cornily) say something like 'friend', for that which I call friend is among those which I hold the greatest love for in this world.

I could suggest Alice, for I adore Lewis Carroll's imagination, and seem to use it as a pet name for people I think are that crazily brilliant (What? Madness is a good thing!)

And while both are accurate, I think the best answer I could give would be a secretive tap of the nose.

...*Taps his nose*
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