Alihafezi and I had a bit of a disagreement over Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) concerning rips and non-rips. It was rather hypocritical of him considering his previous blog post: Alihafezi?command=view_post&post=46506

During our argument, he repeatedly threatened to make a blog about our argument, which I personally didn't care about. Seeing as he didn't, I decided I'd go ahead and do so myself. I'll edit my post shortly to add our conversation. Stay tuned.

Alihafezi is "Avenged Chaos" and I'm "Kl€pTø Da GøD®"

8/30/2008 2:34:42 AM Avenged Chaos - Main prince vegeta right?
8/30/2008 2:36:45 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - I am.
8/30/2008 2:37:00 AM Avenged Chaos - Well...
8/30/2008 2:37:07 AM Avenged Chaos - U better stop disrespectin me
8/30/2008 2:37:13 AM Avenged Chaos - Yea...
8/30/2008 2:37:37 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - I'm so intimidated by you I have no clue how to express it...
8/30/2008 2:37:56 AM Avenged Chaos - Why what did I ever do?
8/30/2008 2:38:28 AM Avenged Chaos - "I hae no clue how to express" hOW OLD ARE YOU?
8/30/2008 2:38:34 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about as far as disrespect.
8/30/2008 2:38:43 AM Avenged Chaos - i Am Alihafezi
8/30/2008 2:38:46 AM Avenged Chaos - On BYOND
8/30/2008 2:38:48 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - And I don't know what age has to do with this so that's really of no concern to you.
8/30/2008 2:38:52 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - And yes, I know who you are.
8/30/2008 2:39:21 AM Avenged Chaos - And as noticed you keep saying that my GFX is a joke...well let me tell you this..RR is probably one of the worst projects on BYOND ANIME
8/30/2008 2:39:28 AM Avenged Chaos - Last chance
8/30/2008 2:39:37 AM Avenged Chaos - Thats the real story its original and will be out
8/30/2008 2:39:45 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - I don't know what RR is.
8/30/2008 2:39:54 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - And I don't recall saying your graphics are a joke.
8/30/2008 2:40:00 AM Avenged Chaos - You trust me and trhe GFX that I make..Its good becuase its with Paint!
8/30/2008 2:40:30 AM Avenged Chaos - Alihafezi?command=view_post&post=46506
8/30/2008 2:41:00 AM Avenged Chaos - Well now Im back with Photoshop so please...keep it shut...
8/30/2008 2:41:30 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - First off, I don't take orders from you. So don't bother telling me to "keep it shut."
8/30/2008 2:41:50 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Second, I never said your graphics were a joke. I said changing the colors of an image doesn't make you an "awesome" graphic artist.
8/30/2008 2:41:54 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - I'd learn to read if I were you.
8/30/2008 2:42:04 AM Avenged Chaos - Well...
8/30/2008 2:42:25 AM Avenged Chaos - By the looks of things I can tell that you are one guy with more vocab then age...
8/30/2008 2:42:54 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Again, my age has nothing to do with anything.
8/30/2008 2:43:01 AM Avenged Chaos - Maturity is big problem on byond and 18 year old homeless people write spam on something that dint even include them in the slightest idea
8/30/2008 2:43:32 AM Avenged Chaos - You supported the "Slomber Preversion or RR" Just because One rule on the hub wasnt a "normal" rule
8/30/2008 2:43:41 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - I'm not 18. And if I were homeless, I highly doubt I'd be using a computer.
8/30/2008 2:43:51 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - And I didn't "support" anything. I agreed with it.
8/30/2008 2:43:55 AM Avenged Chaos - I ma not talking about you
8/30/2008 2:44:05 AM Avenged Chaos - The 18 year old thin
8/30/2008 2:44:10 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - The game was a rip; a poorly edited rip at that.
8/30/2008 2:44:39 AM Avenged Chaos - The game was a Beta an alpha as a matter of a fact it went down in 1 day because there were too many bugs!!!
8/30/2008 2:44:58 AM Avenged Chaos - So I decided to go original but thne I made a Wow server
8/30/2008 2:45:04 AM Avenged Chaos - So The game will be delayed
8/30/2008 2:45:11 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - It wouldn't have had that problem if someone didn't try to incorporate their own programming into stolen material.
8/30/2008 2:45:28 AM Avenged Chaos - The metrial was from Zen.
8/30/2008 2:45:43 AM Avenged Chaos - "zen" was passed out in the resources section
8/30/2008 2:46:07 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - "Zen" was based off Zeta. It was a rip, just like 99% of the other Dragon Ball Z games on BYOND.
8/30/2008 2:46:08 AM Avenged Chaos - So Shut Your Mouth Because You OInly Red The Hub And Barely played The Game
8/30/2008 2:46:26 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Actually, I didn't read the hub at all. I read the review, which was pretty accurate.
8/30/2008 2:46:28 AM Avenged Chaos - Zeta is the ONLY original game oin byond
8/30/2008 2:46:33 AM Avenged Chaos - EVERYTHING started form Zeta
8/30/2008 2:46:45 AM Avenged Chaos - Theres no such thing as an original game
8/30/2008 2:46:50 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Zeta isn't the only original game on BYOND. If you don't know the history of BYOND, I suggest you not make assumptions.
8/30/2008 2:46:59 AM Avenged Chaos - And Im gonna be the first to post one from scratch Even masterdan's game isnt original
8/30/2008 2:47:12 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - There are actually about 4 or 5 original Dragon Ball Z games on BYOND.
8/30/2008 2:47:27 AM Avenged Chaos - Name 4 Games form Scratch other the Chao chatterz something in ANIME
8/30/2008 2:47:38 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - But you wouldn't know that because you and the other Dragon Ball Z lovers on BYOND opt for stolen material rather than making anything original.
8/30/2008 2:48:07 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Naruto GOA is original. Dragon Ball Online, Bleach Souls of Chaos, Bleach Las Noches, Dragon Ball Zeta.
8/30/2008 2:48:17 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - 5 examples of original anime games.
8/30/2008 2:48:28 AM Avenged Chaos - What ever I mean you dont seem to ge it...GOA is not original! It got a starter Code
8/30/2008 2:48:35 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - No it doesn't.
8/30/2008 2:48:52 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Masterdan is the one who MADE the starter code from his own work, Naruto GOA.
8/30/2008 2:49:04 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Again, if you don't know the history of BYOND, I suggest you not make foolish assumptions.
8/30/2008 2:49:14 AM Avenged Chaos - Theres no way ANYONE can strat from PURE scratch
8/30/2008 2:49:27 AM Avenged Chaos - I am the first to TRY
8/30/2008 2:49:31 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - I'm making a game which I started from pure scratch months ago.
8/30/2008 2:49:56 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Just because you lack the potential to make an original game from scratch, doesn't mean everyone else is in the same boat.
8/30/2008 2:50:05 AM Avenged Chaos - The thing that sucks about "Original" Games are that the icons have no relations to The Anime Just random People
8/30/2008 2:50:12 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Again, if you don't know the history of BYOND, I suggest you not make foolish assumptions.
8/30/2008 2:50:23 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - That's not true at all.
8/30/2008 2:50:28 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Your statement makes no sense.
8/30/2008 2:50:49 AM Avenged Chaos - And Well That really says that they cant really Icon well or that they were too lazy to ASK someone to icon for them some one who can Icon goos
8/30/2008 2:50:51 AM Avenged Chaos - d
8/30/2008 2:50:52 AM Avenged Chaos - good
8/30/2008 2:51:07 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Clearly you're not very intelligent. Ripped games with stolen content steal from original games. So how do original games have no relation to an anime?
8/30/2008 2:51:22 AM Avenged Chaos - GOA is the only good game for Icons Onslaught everythin it all has Suckish graphics
8/30/2008 2:51:31 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - That's your opinion.
8/30/2008 2:51:37 AM Avenged Chaos - Oblivion 2
8/30/2008 2:51:39 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - And frankly I don't really care about your opinion.
8/30/2008 2:51:44 AM Avenged Chaos - One of the most popular sources
8/30/2008 2:51:47 AM Avenged Chaos - STOELN
8/30/2008 2:51:54 AM Avenged Chaos - STOLEN
8/30/2008 2:51:58 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Oblivion was also a ripped based off Zeta.
8/30/2008 2:52:04 AM Avenged Chaos - and the only thing that the owner had to say was "..."
8/30/2008 2:52:05 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - It's a modified Zeta rip.
8/30/2008 2:52:15 AM Avenged Chaos - Yea VERY HEZVILY modified
8/30/2008 2:52:26 AM Avenged Chaos - Legends reborn is ripped and gets 67 players per day
8/30/2008 2:52:47 AM Avenged Chaos - People dont cae if its ripped people care how you play and how others are...
8/30/2008 2:52:58 AM Avenged Chaos - Its not all about the "Ripping" of the games
8/30/2008 2:53:12 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - I don't care what all the other people care about.
8/30/2008 2:53:30 AM Avenged Chaos - if Masterdan was so smart He couldve had a form to fill and remove ripped games but why didnt he? Because If He Did Then There Would Be 2 Games On Byond ANime
8/30/2008 2:53:54 AM Avenged Chaos -
8/30/2008 2:53:56 AM Avenged Chaos - This game
8/30/2008 2:53:58 AM Avenged Chaos - RIPPED
8/30/2008 2:54:01 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - I'd rather make an original game (which I'm doing) than to be a follower like 95% of you BYONDers and rip games.
8/30/2008 2:54:03 AM Avenged Chaos - and Calimed to be origonal
8/30/2008 2:54:06 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Again, I don't care.
8/30/2008 2:54:14 AM Avenged Chaos - It is an edited version of rebirth
8/30/2008 2:54:35 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - And Masterdan, with the help of a small group (myself included), is actually cracking down on rips right now and we've kicked out quite a few games from the guild.
8/30/2008 2:54:58 AM Avenged Chaos - Well thenyou can kiss Byond goodbye...
8/30/2008 2:55:06 AM Avenged Chaos - Explains why all the good games are gne...
8/30/2008 2:55:50 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - And the only reason we're not kicking out ALL of the rips is they bring BYOND money because greedy rip owners bribe their players with ranking boosts.
8/30/2008 2:56:08 AM Avenged Chaos - AHAHAHAH
8/30/2008 2:56:15 AM Avenged Chaos - So all ur in for is the money
8/30/2008 2:56:19 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - And we're kicking them out of the guild, not off BYOND. They'll still be playable. I just don't particularly care where they end up.
8/30/2008 2:56:23 AM Avenged Chaos - ALL COPY AND PASTE THIS NOW xD
8/30/2008 2:56:34 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Actually I don't care about the money. I don't even take in any money from BYOND.
8/30/2008 2:56:46 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - You can copy and paste it all you want. It's already been said in the anime guild forums.
8/30/2008 2:56:51 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Silly child.
8/30/2008 2:56:55 AM Avenged Chaos - Well I officialy quit byond because all their in for is the money I WANT A REFUND
8/30/2008 2:57:04 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - I don't care.
8/30/2008 2:57:22 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Your quitting has no bearing on my life.
8/30/2008 2:57:24 AM Avenged Chaos - Pasted xD
8/30/2008 2:57:32 AM Avenged Chaos - Who acrez
8/30/2008 2:57:33 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Again, I don't care. -_-
8/30/2008 2:57:46 AM Avenged Chaos - Byond is a basic 2D program I suggest they change to 3D
8/30/2008 2:58:04 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - And why are you telling me this?
8/30/2008 2:58:12 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Your opinion is a moot point as far as I'm concerned.
8/30/2008 2:58:18 AM Avenged Chaos - Because ur in a Group!
8/30/2008 2:58:27 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - A "group"?
8/30/2008 2:58:28 AM Avenged Chaos - That removes ruipped games
8/30/2008 2:58:31 AM Avenged Chaos - ripped
8/30/2008 2:58:39 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Your point?
8/30/2008 2:58:51 AM Avenged Chaos - It shoukd be the owners fault to even trust someone with coding ayway....
8/30/2008 2:59:11 AM Avenged Chaos - And When It Is Just tell MasterDan
8/30/2008 2:59:23 AM Avenged Chaos - Or SSJX
8/30/2008 2:59:28 AM Avenged Chaos - SSGX
8/30/2008 2:59:43 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - It is partially their fault. It's also the fault of lazy kids with no talent who rely on ripped sources because all they want in a game is power.
8/30/2008 3:00:07 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - So they download a source, and change the GMs so they can control everyone who plays and abuse to their hearts' content.
8/30/2008 3:00:08 AM Avenged Chaos - Some peolple want that while others want....
8/30/2008 3:00:19 AM Avenged Chaos - Yea I saw this game
8/30/2008 3:00:26 AM Avenged Chaos - It wasnbt edited AT ALL
8/30/2008 3:00:31 AM Avenged Chaos - Just the Admin Tab
8/30/2008 3:00:40 AM Avenged Chaos - I was surprised how they were s stupid
8/30/2008 3:00:42 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - The majority of rips are just like that.
8/30/2008 3:00:56 AM Avenged Chaos - I am talking about rips that change into a different game...
8/30/2008 3:01:03 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Listen.
8/30/2008 3:01:06 AM Avenged Chaos - Yea those games need to be removed...
8/30/2008 3:01:15 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Listen to me.
8/30/2008 3:01:31 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - If you want to play ripped games and you feel they're so great, that's fine. You have a right to your opinion.
8/30/2008 3:01:41 AM Avenged Chaos - Well
8/30/2008 3:01:53 AM Avenged Chaos - Since those games are removed by some childsih ppl I cant anymore...
8/30/2008 3:02:00 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - However, I have a right to mine as well. And my opinion is that I prefer original material composed of hard work, rather than games that rely on stealing.
8/30/2008 3:02:41 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - And being "childish" has nothing to do with removing games from a guild. The fact is, if you consider not promoting stealing to be childish, that's your business.
8/30/2008 3:02:48 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - The games aren't being removed from BYOND.
8/30/2008 3:02:54 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - They're being removed from BYOND Anime.
8/30/2008 3:02:59 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Which means they'll be guildless.
8/30/2008 3:03:04 AM Avenged Chaos - Yea BYIND Anime makes em easier to find
8/30/2008 3:03:04 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - They'll still be playable.
8/30/2008 3:03:23 AM Avenged Chaos - Its all everyine has some "Milk"
8/30/2008 3:03:39 AM Avenged Chaos - Some peole dont have any but since alot of people do they just shut down the store
8/30/2008 3:03:40 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - So if you're worrying about your precious rips, you can easily bookmark their url or bookmark the memberpage of the owner.
8/30/2008 3:03:46 AM Avenged Chaos - Thats exactly wat ur doin
8/30/2008 3:04:19 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - The goal isn't to crack down on ripping if that's what you're afraid of.
8/30/2008 3:05:08 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - BYOND Anime has over 1000 games due to all of the ripped content people put out. The reason they're being removed from the guild is that the guild reached it's maximum amount of games and no more submissions can be made because of it.
8/30/2008 3:05:49 AM Avenged Chaos - Why dont u just not let people make hub without hostin em??
8/30/2008 3:05:56 AM Avenged Chaos - Thats a good idea Pssh
8/30/2008 3:05:58 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Therefore, the problem has to be fixed, and the source of the problem is the fact that so many people use STOLEN sources to "create" games or rather to give themselves power.
8/30/2008 3:06:31 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Actually, that's not a good idea because:
1. Can't stop people from making hubs
2. Not everyone has a 24/7 host so games can only be hosted but so much.
8/30/2008 3:06:39 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - So your "good idea" is just a flop.
8/30/2008 3:06:46 AM Avenged Chaos - Well...
8/30/2008 3:06:49 AM Avenged Chaos - Uhh
8/30/2008 3:07:03 AM Avenged Chaos - You can easily have a Hosting policy
8/30/2008 3:07:06 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Look, I don't know why you're bothering to argue with me about this. Alot of games are being removed, and you complaining to me about it isn't going to change that.
8/30/2008 3:07:09 AM Avenged Chaos - Saying HOST OR ITS REMOVED
8/30/2008 3:07:15 AM Avenged Chaos - keep track of hubs made
8/30/2008 3:07:21 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Too much work.
8/30/2008 3:07:26 AM Avenged Chaos - Delete if thye are not hosted within dayz
8/30/2008 3:07:37 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - We're not going to sit down at our computers 24/7 and check what's being hosted and what's not.
8/30/2008 3:07:43 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - It's just not going to happen.
8/30/2008 3:07:45 AM Avenged Chaos - TOO MUCH WORK????
8/30/2008 3:07:50 AM Avenged Chaos - TOOO MUCH WORK>?????
8/30/2008 3:07:58 AM Avenged Chaos - Are u seriopusly kidding or not???
8/30/2008 3:08:05 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - At any rate, this conversation is over. I don't really care to continue arguing with you about something that's NOT going to be changed no matter how much you complain about it.
8/30/2008 3:08:07 AM Avenged Chaos - Its ur job to do this your gettin money (tom)
8/30/2008 3:08:17 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - I'm NOT Tom.
8/30/2008 3:08:25 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - I'm not associated with Tom, and I don't get money for doing this.
8/30/2008 3:08:29 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - As I said before.
8/30/2008 3:08:37 AM Avenged Chaos - No I was reffering to Tom
8/30/2008 3:08:58 AM Avenged Chaos - He doesnt care about issues???
8/30/2008 3:09:09 AM Avenged Chaos - Then this is something that belongs in the forums
8/30/2008 3:09:40 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Listen, you can rant all you want to me. It's not going to change so I'm not going to bother continuing this nonsense. If you want to continue typing, that's fine. I'll be busy working on my game and doing something productive, unlike the 5000 rip owners out there who rely on a source, because I actually have enough talent to do so.
8/30/2008 3:09:43 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Later.
8/30/2008 3:10:12 AM Avenged Chaos - Like U have Talent Ur Cions SUCK (as I see In ur defult)
8/30/2008 3:10:16 AM Avenged Chaos - So SHUT UP
8/30/2008 3:10:29 AM Avenged Chaos - Take down the vocab its a weekend and good day
8/30/2008 3:10:32 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - Listen, I don't care about your opinion.
8/30/2008 3:10:43 AM Avenged Chaos - Im not expessin
8/30/2008 3:10:49 AM Avenged Chaos - Im tellin u wats right
8/30/2008 3:10:55 AM Avenged Chaos - THATS IT
8/30/2008 3:11:02 AM Kl€pTø Da GøD® - And seeing as you want to continue battling, I'm blocking you. Good bye. Feel free to make a blog about this, as I'm sure a child like yourself will.
8/30/2008 3:11:05 AM Avenged Chaos - 3-D GAME COMING ON BYOND THE FIRST EVER!!!!!!!!!
lmao fucking retard. I was the one who called him out on his GFX.

I'm surprised you could understand half of what he was saying.
Same here. Remember that chat we had with hulio? MV excels at comprehending "dumbass".
Well, according to him, Dragon Ball Zeta was the first and only original game on BYOND and every game on BYOND is based off it, Naruto GOA is ripped off of Masterdan's Anime Starter code, and he ("he" being Alihafezi) is the very first person on BYOND to try to make an original game. Also, apparently, it's impossible for anyone on BYOND to make an entire game from scratch. And if all ripped games are removed from BYOND, there will only be two games left.

I feel dumber after dealing with him and his nonsense.
Funny, kid keeps going off topic, anyways i laugh at him, especially thinking you get profit from byond and removing from the guild really for rips is a good idea
Lol. I loved this. Don't know how you understood the kid, but you did and it was awesome. Lol.
"8/30/2008 2:49:14 AM Avenged Chaos - Theres no way ANYONE can strat from PURE scratch
8/30/2008 2:49:27 AM Avenged Chaos - I am the first to TRY"

the kid was so confused about eveything revolving around Byond,though you tried i bet no one could have made him understand, but what really made my day was the sentence and i quote"You trust me and trhe GFX that I make..Its good becuase its with Paint!",i laughed soo hard reading that
His stupidity amazed me almost as much as it annoyed me.
I've got news for that guy: Starting from scratch is easier than using ripped sources.
Needless to say, I lol'd. Tom should probably introduce people to the server fees at some point, because these 'BYOND is selling out' comments are surprisingly common nowadays.
AmonR wrote:
I'm surprised you could understand half of what he was saying.

Lol, this caught my attention, thanks for bringing that up. xD His spelling lacks so bad, most funny moment was when he said "Cause I'm good with paint" It made me laugh, technically from his spelling you can tell he is around 8-10 years old I say. But Dark Prince you gave us all a good laugh though.
I like how GOA was based off of the Anime Game Starter even though the latter came out 6 months to a year later.

I also like how no one can start from scratch, proving that games like LRS are based off of the Zeta source.
"8/30/2008 2:49:14 AM Avenged Chaos - Theres no way ANYONE can strat from PURE scratch
8/30/2008 2:49:27 AM Avenged Chaos - I am the first to TRY"

That was the stupidest thing in the messenger...Heres my Three Reasons Of Dumbness here

1-He said no way ANYONE can start from scratch and he tries (fighting his own self)

2-Theres a lot of people who starts from scratch i wont name any because i dont want to take away from the people who do and i dont name them.

3-He's a dumbass.

Heres an ENCORE of his dumbness-
8/30/2008 3:05:49 AM Avenged Chaos - Why dont u just not let people make hub without hostin em??

1-Thats not a question for Dark Prince Thats a question for the people who actually do that its because of people have the idea to make a game and think its fun until they actually OPEN THE DREAM MAKER and they ABANDON THE GAME WITHOUT DELETING THE FREAKING HUB
***Off Topic***
Thats why i think in the next update of byond they should add auto delete (im saying when a hub is inactive,or not hosted for atleast 2-3 months it should be deleted)(also private testing should count as active)
Jeff8500 wrote:
I also like how no one can start from scratch, proving that games like LRS are based off of the Zeta source.

Not only that, but apparently the Zeta source was never created, but has just always been, before DM. Hell, apparently it must've existed before programming, humanity, the Earth, etc.
In the beginning, God created t3h Z3ta sorc3s.
lol.....Just because me is a bad speller u cant call me a "kid" and dude if u didnt "care" why did u post dis thing in da firsT place lol?
He said why, Alih. You said you'd posted it to try and make fun of him, and he gave you a few days. You never did, so he acted.

Silly boy.
Popisfizzy wrote:
He said why, Alih. You said you'd posted it to try and make fun of him, and he gave you a few days. You never did, so he acted.

Silly boy.

lol if I didnt post it isnt that a good thing lol?

This proves that byond is all about money lol...
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