Event Apr 12 2012, 12:00 am
to May 1 2012, 12:00 am
Hi! We here at 64digits.com are hosting an RPG theme game making competition, cunningly called RPG Four Digits.

...that might sound like a fairly random name, but it is the latest in a series of competitions with more fortunate names (eg Scary Four Digits for halloween, Sixty Fools Digits for April Fools). To make things even more confusing, 64digits is building an RPG into the site called 64RPG. But let's not get into that...

The competition is three months long, to fully do the theme justice (we usually do month-long ones, a bit like another game contest you may have heard of). There are prizes, which are subject to further donations/sponsorships, so do check back if you think the reward is unsubstantial. And don't worry, everything is completely non-profit on our end. We just like games. A lot.

That's it from me then. Hope you check it out!

http://www.64digits.com/users/ index.php?userid=Toast&cmd=comments&id=272934
This may actually be a good way to bring BYOND's popularity up a bit. If even one team here on BYOND can enter and do fairly well, we should get some more visitors.
That's true! I've told alot of forums about this and there are a lot of people using Game Maker, RPG maker and all the rest. Feel free to spread your good name among our community and try to convert them!

One other thing, I updated the competition's calender to from now until the competition starts, as I should mention you need to enter before the competition starts for various reasons.
RPG theme game? So just any game with RPG elements?
Pretty much. They've even got several teams planning to enter futuristic platformers.
Hrm, I didn't actually know that 64 digits was a game development site. I only have heard of you from your Cybernations (now my little pony themed?) alliance.

(That Hero of time guy is a moron, just saying)

Anyway, back on topic, I might enter in this. A friend and I were planning on starting up a rpg in the near future anyway, and hey, potentially free prizes!
Like all communities, we have several morons. I cannot speak for them.
I'd be willing to enter this and represent BYOND if I could find a few other people to work with.
I might enter this. All I need is a pixel artist to do this. Anyone up for it?
Toast, is it okay if we use art from a current project?
I'm interested in participating, and it'd be even better if I had a worthy artist to work with. :)
If pre-existing games can be entered, I might just enter Hazordhu.
I'm afraid not, your game has to be made during the competition.
Bumpity. Prizes have had a HUGE increase. We start on May 1st
If anyone fancies rustling up some appealing artwork, I'd be amused to enter my Epic of Gilgamesh adventure-RPG as a bit of a lark.
I think BYOND should sponsor this.
In response to F0lak (#15)
F0lak wrote:
I think BYOND should sponsor this.

thats right
Is this the only competition your website is going to have? You posted this a day after I started my RPG contest so I wasn't able to do both of them.
Not sure what you mean
I don't know any other way to word my question, that was as basic as it gets lol.

Is this competition the last competition or will there be others in the future?
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