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Naruto Fuuinjutsu Elite

Ninja Path

Become a Genin!

Earned on Apr 5, 5:10 pm

Fearious Beast

Become a Jinchuuriki

Earned on Apr 9, 3:58 pm


Bleach: Hollow Flash


Create a character

Earned on Sep 13 2014, 11:23 am


Naruto: Next Generation


Be promoted to Jounin

Earned on Apr 25 2014, 2:52 pm

The Elite

Learn all your clan jutsus

Earned on Apr 25 2014, 2:59 pm

Village Leader

Become a Village Leader

Earned on May 1 2014, 3:15 pm

Fairy Tail

Alpha Tester

Played the game in Early Stages.

Earned on Feb 27 2014, 5:38 pm


Naruto: Rogue

Rise Of Youth

Become A Genin.

Earned on Jun 26 2011, 12:12 am