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Tronial's Games
This is a Avatar Game thats really getting worked on and is going to be up in a month or so.
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Harry potter: Death Eater's Resistance
Harry potter the most fastest lvling ever. classes everyday about 10 each day or so.
Pokemon Soul Platinum
New Pokemon game, So a couple admin spots and all Ranked spots are availible
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Shinobi Legacy
IT'S BACK! Sorry i was grounded, delayed another 2 weeks.
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Shur'tugal Tales
This is a new game started by Tronial which is based on Magic, Creatures, fighting, and fun. Shur'tugal means Dragon rider as in Eragon.
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Bleach Final Dawn
Yes! Bleach final dawn is back,!!
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Naruto Ultimate Adventure
Apply in game and im easy so most will get Gm for now...
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