yo ppl what up! if you guys wanna be my friend or you can play a mean game of Dragonball Fantasy 2 come see me
Wazzup my main man nooblet. Lmao jk about that anyway, im not gonna be able to help u until....... 5-30-09 cause im finally getting meh new laptop so keep training and hope that u can beat me
Wow man. I really have to admit that i thought u were alot better than I thought. I MIGHT train u if u want. PM me on my pager and we will talk.

PS: not until friday cause thats when i get my laptop.
Ahhh JROCKET u think u can train me how bout when u become straight lol
Eveyone dont think im a weakling im good
Yo everyone that actually try to talk to me im low on icons or i just dont know how to use them if anyone got any ideas tell me on the pager or find me on some random game i quess but u lookin for the most wanted so yea im planning on makin a game so i also need help on editting so if u Guys can help i thank u with a prize O.o
yo trouble i hate this my mom got rid of my byond info so i can;t play games fo a bit ... she thinks that byind gave my computer a bug .... i know it didn't
A little late but that sucks
Everyone if u got a Deidera icon? I need it because i had a accident with my icons so i'm gonna need it back anyone can help?
hi will you be my friend
Ok this is beginning to get me pissed with every once in a while i get a random friend and adds me without me knowing Ssnn told me he add me so it makes sense but plz tell me if your gonna add me or not k?
the game you faggot suck my dick
Sup trouble ima add you on pager... accept