Large sprites are too expensive.
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As a matter a fact I am using smaller ones.. 32x24 seem to do the trick very well, for the turfs anyway. xD
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Yes, if a mob or obj is larger than the predetermined world.icon_size then you'll have to do some extra work in order to have it collide properly.
Personally I updated to 63x63 It allows greater detail and it doesn't look blurry when using a 64px resolution, which most 32x32 games do so that people don't have to squint to see the game.

It's not that hard to do either, I have a project that scales icons by a 2:1 factor so that they can still be large without getting blurred by anti-aliasing.

The only issue is that some icons turn out more detailed than others, Trying to add detail into a base icons isn't fun either, after 4 attempts I still just have a blown up 32x32 base.
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