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Tsfreaks' Favorite Games

by Tsfreaks | Apr 13 2009
The Game of the Mediaeval City
by Zaltron | May 11 2008
A place to chat, recieve code help, and play games. Now Open Source!
by SuperAntx | Dec 18 2009
Take part in an epic battle over a colored piece of cloth.
by Camdev | May 20 2011
Gnomes, monsters, and castles all await you in the world of Gnomeheim.
by Jotdaniel | Apr 8 2011
Tags: arcade
Use your jetpack to avoid the obstacles.
by ACWraith | May 3 2011
Tags: action, contest, maze
Explore, combat and collect before time runs out.
by Forum_account | Sep 13 2010
A mix of Minesweeper and an RPG
by Mechanos7 | Feb 19 2011
Tags: casual
The arcade game
by Foomer | Mar 10 2008
Tags: scifi, strategy
A game about taking over the solar system before your enemies do!
by Tsfreaks | Feb 19 2009
Tags: defense, scifi
Tower Defense Game
by Techgamer | Aug 29 2009
Tags: arcade, shooter
Get the Blocks before they get you!

Tsfreaks' Favorite Resources

Real-time mouse updates as well as left and right macros for the Shift, Ctrl, and Alt keys.
by Forum_account | Nov 2 2010
This library gives you the basic movement system of a platformer. You can make an action/platform game in minutes!
by Lummox JR | Oct 22 2002
Load, save, and reuse temporary maps for unlimited worlds
by Hobnob | Jul 26 2009
Tags: effects
A demo of an asteroids-like game
by Hobnob | Jul 26 2009
Tags: effects