Hashing is impossible to overcome without the exact string, that being said, as long as you keep the code safe, it'll be impossible for someone to edit out the ban. @ AZA IP range would also be a good way to ban innocent players.
lol i'm gonna use both of them so that if they figure out one i still got the other lol thanks i'm not good with java coding so in my mind i think screw that i'm just gonna stick to byond c++ and html lol thanks again this rocks
I like that one of the keywords to this is 'nub'

Made me lol.
Tubutas wrote:
That's what the given list is for until the world reboots that list won't be cleared, and even then you can just (world)save that list, and have it be a perminate thing.

Yeah, nice one -- until I reformat my PC for one reason or the other and lose my client-side savefile, upon which I'll be banned for no reason.

I could also save the client-side savefile so I can just copy it back when you modify the hash on the server-side.
how i check if ive been banned from a game?
I know I shouldn't be asking this here but I cant do it anywhere else since Im not a byond member. Is slicehost free?
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