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Ehh... i think we get the picture. Theres nothing left to be original about DBZ ..
becausae they are stupid
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and the icons, i didnt think so!
DBZ hasnt got much to do with the games sucking. Look at these 'games' (And the people who make the majority of them), if they did use an original story line (Or even simply a non-DBZ one) it would still be a crappy game.
It just seems that DBZers are the type of people who rush into things, and release there pre-alpha games onto the hub.
They also tend to be rather new to game development. Since DM is a rather easy language to get the basics down, its possible to release a 'game' without knowing anything about proper game development.
You have to accept it, there are always going to be bad games, and fads. I dont like Pokemon, but Im not going to yell at every kid who likes it and tell them to like something else because all the other kids like Pokemon.
Anyway, I could ramble on for ever on the DBZers and how 'they' think. Probably because Id be classed as a DBZer (Not the type you know at BYOND though).
PS: Just a note, if there where no more DBZ games, there would probably only be a few games on at a time.
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I figure if people enjoy making and playing the games, why should I care? I don't play them personally, except on a rare occasion when my brother swears up and down that one is pretty good, but only then. It would be nice if there were was a little bit of difference between one DBZ Generation Future X and another DragonBall Super Fire Arena, but seeing as most seem to come from the same code, there are never any real differences. I play games I like, and I think everyone else should be allowed to do the same, its not really a big deal anyway.

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