I was surfing the web and i found out the Ninja turtles will e back in feb 2003. A new cartoon and a new look for this generation. Not so childish anymore. To check it out goto

While we are on the subject anyone want to make a Tmnt Game. I'll work on some icons for it? Whos in ?
Sounds pretty stupid to me... TMNT couldn't compete with todays shows, only the fans of the old show would watch...
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If there can be new Power Rangers year after year then a few mutants should have a place.
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Ya but the turtles would probably get the same attention as Power Rangers do now AKA None
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I'll watch it, but then again I am a hardcore TMNT fan. Which, by the way there are alot of around still.

Not so childish anymore.

The original TMNT wasn't childish... Eastman and Laird's comic was dark, gritty, and full of black humor and edgy genre parody. Because they're as fond of eating as the next people, though, they sold the rights to make the saturday morning cartoon, which was more "marketable" and thus formed the basis for the toys and the Archie version of the comics.
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I never knew that. I was 6 or 7 when i used to watch them. The cartoon was the only ninja turtles i ever knew
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Go TMNT!!!
My bro and I will watch it!
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Archie version? Archie had it's own background, if you'v ever seen Chasing Amy then you might understand.... Hehehehe, Archie and Jughead!

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I'm speaking of the Archie Comics imprint which published the more widely read version of the TMNT comics, not anything having to do with the characters from The Archies comics.
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No, I don't think TMNT stands a chance against the hordes of mindless DBZers.
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Off the subject - Did anyone really know what I was talking about?(I'm sure someone did, Chasing Amy was a pretty good movie, and I doubt there was anyone here who hasn't seen it. Well, except the younger audience who doesn't have a way older brother/sister, who gets movies made by the guy who plays Silent Bob, which I can't currently think up his name.)

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I know what you were talking about. The guy's name is Kevin Smith. I think the real question is, do you know what you're talking about?
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Once I finish watching all his movies I might.