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Im new here and i heard that i could play cardfight vanguard on here? is that true?
In response to LordAndrew (#1)
i clicked on it and istalled the byond thing but i still dont know what to do
In response to Vanguardmaster23 (#2)
If you have BYOND installed, all you have to do is hit the Play Now button and it'll connect you to the game.

play now!
In response to LordAndrew (#3)
I did that and it keeps saying connection failed
In response to Vanguardmaster23 (#4)
Oh. Hmm. It appears the game's server went down. You'll have to wait for it to come back up to play it. Sorry.
i want to play vanguard. anyone can help me
In response to FIRE-WINGS (#6)
BYOND was handed a cease and desist order from the company that owns Cardfight Vanguard, so the game had to be removed from the site. See this thread for more info.