In response to Dead_Demon (#19)
Yeah, well, it's worth it. :|
In response to Mysame (#20)
I downloaded Sakray and CakeRO in two hou9rs, then I installed them/followed all the site directions. Patching sakray took me about an hour, but the rest was faster. I created a character, and am just starting
In response to Soccerking (#21)
Bleh, Cakero has no community and all (Too high rates for it. Unbalanced economy, no parties, etc..)

If someone'd find a LOW rate (This being 5x MAXIMUM) with active GMs, events, 500 players+ on AND new classes, I'll be your slave. :/
In response to Mysame (#22)
I'm playing on Fancy RO now... low-rate, about 250-300 on normally, no lag.

Level 30-something mage at the moment.

In response to Kujila (#23)
What're "low rates", and does it have new classes? :<
In response to Mysame (#24)
It has Taekwondo, but not Ninja or Slinger. Rate 5/5/4

In response to Kujila (#25)
Thank yoouuu! Ign?
In response to Mysame (#26)

In response to Kujila (#27)
I play BYOND.
I play ddo. Best game ever
In response to Thief Jack (#29)
If you want to promote a game as being the "best ever", it would help if you expanded its acronym. =P
In response to Crispy (#30)
Kujila, are you ever on? :<
38 thief, wannabe rogue at moment. Been trying to PM you all day. o.o;;
In response to Mysame (#31)
Ah, I have to write an essay or I can't graduate :(

In response to Mysame (#31)
Post [link]
In response to Thief Jack (#29)
I dunno, I was going to try out Dungeons and Dragons Online, but after looking at it, it didn't seem to offer anything new at all.

Honestly I am getting sick and tired of all these lack luster MMOs.

Ive been looking for a fan RO server that had gunslingers.
In response to Kujila (#23)
I decided I needed an RO fix, so I'm playing on Fancy now. IGN is Shaden, anyone feel free to hit me up. =) Not quite sure what class I'm going for yet.
In response to Detnom (#35)
Super novice, perhaps? Heh

In response to Kujila (#36)
Euh. Super novies aren't something to laugh at.
Archer dex up skills, int up buffs, 70 skillpoints. Mind me saying, instant cast + one heck a lot of 10 hit damage spam = HURTS.

Oh, my ign is Mysame o.o. Lvl 40 thief at the moment, suicide training at Sphinx. >.>
In response to Kujila (#36)
I was a super novice for awhile in another free server I played. I was going to join up with Fancy RO because it sounds like a pretty balanced server.

too bad I can't find a good place to download the KRO server software. The links they gave me are so slow it'll take me 12 hours a DSL connection. WTF is up with that. I downloaded the free trial to D&DO and it was a GB in size and only took me 3.5 hours.
In response to Shades (#38)

(Mods: This is not pirated software - these are the official and unmodified setup files for the Korean client for Ragnarok Online)

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