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Beyond Ragnarok Online
Still on its early stage.
About Beyond Ragnarok Online
Corrupted Destinies
A semi-active RPG which requires skills and reflexes in order to survive.
About Corrupted Destinies
DBPET Recuiting
Recuiting members for DBPET.
About DBPET Recuiting
Dragonball Z: Power of the dragon's balls
The power of the dragon's balls.
Destiny Fighters
No information on this game yet. Looking for a 24/7 host.
About Destiny Fighters
Dragon Warrior Special Edition
A game about the actual Dragon Warrior game, with more classes, monsters and more!
About Dragon Warrior Special Edition
Dungeons & Dragons: The Online Adventure
A game based on Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition.
Probably the first published Naruto game on BYOND. Current version: 2. Character Icons Copyright 2004-2005 Ssjeice Inc.
Re: About Naruto
Naruto 2
A new Naruto game by Von Fanel
Re: About Naruto 2
Naruto Fantasy
New Naruto turn based game.
Re: About Naruto Fantasy
No Name
A game with no name. A tactic game perhaps?
About No Name
Rawr! A text based rpg. Use the normal chat for role playing only.
About Rawr
Soul Society
An rpg game with a special turn based battle system. Inspired by Ragnarok Online and Bleach. There's a Newbie's Guide on the forum, go check it out! ^-^
Re: Soul Society review
Summoners Of Souls
A strategy/adventure game similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgrea: Hours Of Darkness and Phantom Brave.
About Summoners Of Souls
Triple Triad: Anime Universe
A new game based on the Final Fantasy 8 card game.
About Triple Triad: Anime Universe
Von Fanel Items
87 well-made armors and weapons made by Von Fanel!
About Von Fanel Items
World Of Darkness: Animes Fighters
Owners: Von Fanel & Ss4gokudon1
World of Fanelia
Currently unavailable.
About World of Fanelia
Yu-Gi-Oh!: Battle Of The Egyptian Gods
A Yu-Gi-Oh game just like in the past! ^-^
Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duelists of the Shadow World
A Yu-Gi-Oh! game made by Von Fanel.
Zelda: A Link To The Future
Old Zelda game in alpha phase. Download file now available.
About Zelda: A Link To The Future
Von Fanel's Libraries
Von Fanel's Auto-Turf
This program will make all your turfs from 1 icon instantly! You have 100 icon states? This is the program for you! ^-^
About Von Fanel's Auto-Turf