Wicked Infusion

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An RPG/RTS originally based on dwarf fortress
by Sennalove | Apr 10 2016
Roleplay World - RPVP
by Ginseng | Sep 10 2006
RTS/RPG Dungeon simulation game. How evil a Dungeon Master will you be?
Be free!
A roleplaying game mixing mythology with sci-fi.
Highly competitive PvP and PvE stat training game.
by Grand J | Feb 26 2010
Tags: anime
Naruto: Rogue, one of the most innovative and stylish naruto game on byond! Execute handseal combinations to perform ...
by Lalapuff99 | Jul 21 2010
A fun naruto based RPG
by Konlet | Sep 1 2014
Create the unreal and live in another world.
Welcome to the world of Remnant whereas the story is set in the mid-evil to modern times. Technology is advancing ...
Guns, explosives, classes and killing zombies!
New fun fast training PVP intensive game