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Wolfdude5's Games
You are but a child. It is up to you. Stay in the labratory left to die, or go into the Digital Galaxy. What path will you choose?
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Dragonball's End
The end is near ... but what is it that will be ending?
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Gundam Universe Online
The era in which Gundams once ruled upon has now ended. The world of Gundam gaming has begun. (Discontinued)
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Hogwarts Life
Enter the world of Hogwarts ... years after the Chamber of Secrets had been created, and years before Dumbledore ever was Headmaster.
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Hogwarts Student Life
You are a student of Hogwarts. The possibilities are endless. You can duel others, take classes, or even study!
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Olden Pirate
Age of Pirates - what are you? Friend or foe? Pirate or Citizen? Welcome to the dangerous world of Pirate Mafia. (Discontinued)
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