Cow RP by Bovine_Buddy
A roleplaying game with a fantasy medieval setting. Version 4.04 - 1/4/2015
1188 fans · Created Mar 28 2006
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hello, my name is wolfkid1002. i would like to say i love your game and i would love to keep playing your game im sorry for running around trying to be a revolutionary character in the overthrowing of a cow king. if you could unblock me that would be very cool. i apologize for putting the request in this category in you cow RP forum. please un-ban me!
I didnt think i was role playin wrong i see the errors of my way.....
Go to the forums and post in the appeals section, this isn't the right forum for ban appeals.
What did I do? i didn't create zombies or kill any one and all I was doing is filling test tubes up with water.
Please inquire about bans in the proper forum.