Cow RP by Bovine_Buddy
A roleplaying game with a fantasy medieval setting. Version 4.04 - 1/4/2015
1185 fans · Created Mar 28 2006
so instead of banning people why dont you make a fountain of youth or something in the game so that people can drag the bodies there to be revived. also your banning policies should be stated at at the beginning of each game session. i have been permanently banned for no reason at all if you can comfirm my reason for getting banned that would be nice because all i decided to do was play off of my byond account because i was feeling lazy. yes i admit i didnt follow the kings rule but when things started attacking the peasent i took things in my own hands and started protecting villagers. i did this while the king sat behind the river not letting down the bridge in fear he would be killed i guess so he was just going to let us die. i would love to get back in this game i have some good ideas for cow rp plus i always loved role playing on here. unban me please i love this game!!!!
The rules come up every time you log in.
Please post unban appeals on the forums.

Unban appeals placed here will be ignored.
ive been baned 3 times :o and ive been baned 5 days ago >:(
please unban me its not fair all i did was go outside the necro house as a zombie and the necro killed me and he was a admin and banned me....
yeah, that sounds so believable.
How about you read before posting?
If you want to request an unban, please go to Complaints then Appeals.