Writing A New One

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Apr 11, 12:56 pm
Please can I be a game admin. I have provided to information below for your interest.

Name: Joe Martin
Also Admin for: Spacestation13
Online: At least 10 hours a day, every day
Dedication: VERY!
Apr 10, 10:56 pm
Please can I host a server on the game, let me know if so!
I have super-fast server computers, so lag isn't a problem, also, me and my friends are 24/7 admins, so don't worry about hacking, spamming, bullying...ect...
Mar 26, 8:46 pm
Hey, I was banned for no real reason, and I posted a brick on the whole "unbanning" Section. Mind looking at it? I'd like to start playing again soon.
Mar 20, 1:26 pm
I finished what was required to get unbanned.

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