The server has been running at 100% CPU for the last hour and has frozen for some unknown reason.

Iam looking into this now.

[EDIT] It is now nearing the 30 minute mark, Nothing has happened yet *crosses fingers* may be an issue with the game as it has a ton of errors :/
If this game goes PvP.. Its gonna be one of the most played games atm for sure .. If PvP is still being worked on can we get a date or smtng to when its gonna be done..not the exact time cuz that's immposible,but something that we can cling onto like .. 1-2 months .. or better yet weeks xD
A PvP version should be ready in 2-3 months.
I hope u keep ur word.Im sure ppl like me are drooling all over this game and about the pvp too xD
Please keep all ban appeals on the forum:

Any ban appeals posted on the hub will probably be ignored. It's not really checked often.
Can you guys have a USD place to donate as well? cause IDK how to use the Euro one, i dont wanna accidently give to much or to less
A pvp version of this game would be totally legit. This seems like a high quality game, that is not found very often on byond. One suggestion I make that would go a long ways is to make verbs, that are macroable. That way players can bind keys to certain actions. For example the say, ooc, and rp I can not seem to bind them to keys. You could also do this for opening the inventory, toggling rp battle mode, etc. It simply makes the gameplay smoother, as we don't have to be constantly clicking between the game screen and the chat panel, and so forth.
Why is the PvP server taking 2-3 months? Are you completely remaking the whole game again or something o.o ?! Or are you just changing the source around and removing RP related stuff from it?
Plz unban me i don't know to post the ban appeal so i posted here i was banned for not rping i am sorry i will now rp plz unban me
I can't get on the game. :(
Please don't advertise on another game's hub without their permission, it's just disrespectful.
I would like to know why the hell i got banned all i asked was how to use stat points because i was new to the game and then i was banned which is bullshit!!!
This game has abusive, ignorant moderators. I for one won't be playing it.
Players are banned for nonRP attacking or not understanding how to role-play. That's how things are right now.

We have a tutorial system planned in August to make this clearer, but until then, you shouldn't play this game until you understand the mechanics of role-play.

You can also play the PvP version when it's ready (which won't even have moderators because there's no need).
I for one did attack someone and role-play is quite easy and i understand it perfectly i wasn't aware i was taking out a player character till it was too late a name banner feature would probably benefit you greatly!
In response to Cloud Magic (#172)
Cloud Magic wrote:
This game has abusive, ignorant moderators. I for one won't be playing it.

Is that so? I happen to think that this game's moderators are some of the most responsible and respectful I've ever seen.
In response to Cloud Magic (#172)
Cloud Magic wrote:
This game has abusive, ignorant moderators. I for one won't be playing it.

Seems to me you got banned for not knowing how to do anything there, and are mad.
why was i banned for no reason i didnt do anythin?????please let me in d game again i really love ur game
why the **** i got banned?? just becuz i didnt know how to play??? WTF???
hi im trojan the 1 you banned im sorry if i did any thing wrong but could you plz unban me plz?
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