XE Silentninja

Joined: Oct 23 2010


Oct 30 2019, 11:26 pm
I couldn't figure out how else to contact you, I doubt you'll see this but might as well try, right? Anyways this is Chris I was wondering if you had any plans to play pso2 west when it dropped,if you did I was thinking we could get together and play. My gamer tag and Psn are both Altmerk and I always see messages on both.., either way give me a shout if you feelin it
Apr 2 2015, 9:27 am
Yolo Swag Swag Swag Snapbacks?
Oct 1 2014, 11:53 am
hey man ur buddy Bahjeera banned me for nothing.
just wanted to tell ya. if you want chat log ill give it to ya.
Jul 24 2014, 4:02 pm
when will supremacy be up?

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Medals XE Silentninja can earn in his favorite games

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Dragonball Supremacy

Master of the Universe

Complete the game!





Stray Games

Them Benjamins

Collect 100 Gold

Thinning the Herd

Kill 100 Zombies


Gain a Level

Dead Falling

Kill 53,594 Zombies

Quest Complete

Completed a Quest

Three Birds

Killed 3 Zombies with a Single Bullet

Bleach: World-Wide Adventures

Death of Humanity

You have killed all of the Karakura Town Heroes

Mirror Mirror

You have won the Reigai Event 20 times

Relentless Ordeal

You have won the Battle Royale 5 times

Sado Immunity

You have survived La Muerte 100 times

Vaizard Executer

You have killed 1,000 Lost Vaizards

That's It

You have killed 1,000 Final Shinigamis

Minute-Made Assassin

You have killed 100 players
Shunpo Master

15,000 Flash Step Uses
Treasure Map

Loot 150 chests

Steal The Charge From Either Lab And Make It Back 10 Times

Fail To Get Your Charge To The Lab
Almost There...

Die With a Fueled Charge

Bleach: Soul Society

Hollow Purge 1

Defeat 5,000 Weak Hollows.

Hollow Purge 2

Defeat 5,000 Medium Hollows.

Hollow Purge 3

Defeat 5,000 Strong Hollows.

Hollow Purge 4

Defeat 5,000 Menos Grande.

Hollow Purge 5

Defeat 5,000 Player Hollows.

Certified for War

Achieve your second battle certification.

All in a day's work

Use Soul Burial on 1,000 Wandering Souls as a Shinigami.

All in a day's fill

Devour 1,000 Wandering Souls as a Hollow.

We can be fast too!

Achieve Shunpo as a Human class.


Reach or surpass Level 750.

On top of the world

Reach or surpass Level 1,000.

An ocean of power

Use the Sanrei Bow at least 5 times.

Worthy Challenger

Win 30 Mini-Games on Easy.

True Rival

Win 30 Mini-Games on Easy and Medium.

Challenge Master

Win 30 Mini-Games on all the difficulty settings.

God's Image

Reach or surpass Level 1,600.

Unstoppable Force

Kill the Spirit of BLN.