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Y2kEric's Games
Icon Fighterz X
Check It Out!!
About Icon Fighterz X
This game is more than a icon trading / building game.
Re: About Iconica
New Shooter Project
Temporary HUB for a new shooting game
About New Shooter Project
Y2kEric's Demos
y2k_Byte Converter (Form Demo)
A demo for y2k_Byte Converter
About y2k_Byte Converter (Form Demo)
Y2kEric's Libraries
y2k_Bump Bounce
A library allowing you to make a /atom/movable get pushed back after bumping another /atom
About y2k_Bump Bounce
y2k_Byte Converter
Bytes <-> Kilobytes <-> Megabytes <-> Gigabytes <-> Terabytes <-> Petabytes <-> Exabytes <-> Zettabytes <-> Yottabytes
About y2k_Byte Converter
y2k_Idle System
A Great Idle System.
About y2k_Idle System
y2k_Uncondense Num
Converts number strings like 1e+006 to 1000000
About y2k_Uncondense Num