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New Updates and New Source
New version of game is coming out soon. We are updating alot. Probably biggest update of BDM ever. Check out the forums ...
Game is almost finished we are adding race leaders and were making training easier so people will have fun playin this ...
by Salurax | Jul 26 2007
No Player-wipes, Friendly and Professional GMs, No Ranking Boosts, Normal Leveling Rates, Thousands of New Features and ...
by Nano 228 | Nov 11 2007
A fast lvling new bleach game thats gonna have many updates
by Matt3151 | Jun 22 2008
Game by the Staff of Naruto the Final Battle!
24/7 host! New shikais and arrancar masks coming up! fast lvling!
by Espock | Sep 10 2007
A new game come and play. Realy fast Leveling of course rank us and u will gets boots (This gives Rynio). Need New ...
by Poland138 | Nov 20 2007
New bleach game we DO boost rankers!!!!!!!!! New Shikais coming soon and un ordinary atks!!!! ALL COMING YOUR ...
by Alvinchai | Dec 4 2007
need host contact me now !
The original game, made years ago by Mystical_Light. Open source!
by Devil585 | Oct 6 2007
IM working hard on this game hope u enjoy CHECK HUB FOR UPDATES WE UPDATE ALOT
by Reed566 | May 29 2007
Killer-kesner aka Reed566 is Back We Got New Clans Like The 4th Clan And Pein Clan And Some Of dbz And bleach Clans And ...
by Wes1156 | Jul 29 2007
New Game of Anime That Will be anything and everything
by I Melissa I | Dec 18 2007
by Naruto025 | Sep 10 2007
Engulf yourself in the Naruto world- become a ninja, learn and execute hundreds of jutsus, even lead Nations- or destroy ...
by Roxas_KeyBlade | Jul 12 2007
KR2 IS NOW OUT!!!!!!!
Version 1.0 This game is completely Orginal. Its a Naruto Game. No Rips here just good Original Fun. but there are a few ...
I added in more naruto npc's so that when you defeat them you can have their jutsu's. So please come and rank this game.
We r havin technical difficulties hosting the game if anyone is willing to host send me a message at zetsudank@live.com
Welcome to Naruto Reincarnation 3.
Server Fiel ao Anime, Excelente Jogabilidade, Excelentes Gráficos. Server Online há 4 Anos, Venha Conferir
Naruto: The Final Battle 3.0 Coming Soon!
by Mista-mage123 | Aug 8 2006
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Build a team of 3 Naruto Characters and compete against the enemy team!