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New Updates and New Source
by SSj-iCecReaM | Aug 26 2007
.Revised Game. Inner Hollow Race.... Pwipe For 9-22-07
Game is almost finished we are adding race leaders and were making training easier so people will have fun playin this ...
by Salurax | Jul 27 2007
No Player-wipes, Friendly and Professional GMs, No Ranking Boosts, Normal Leveling Rates, Thousands of New Features and ...
by Nano 228 | Nov 12 2007
A fast lvling new bleach game thats gonna have many updates
by Matt3151 | Jun 23 2008
Game by the Staff of Naruto the Final Battle!
24/7 host! New shikais and arrancar masks coming up! fast lvling!
by Espock | Sep 11 2007
A new game come and play. Realy fast Leveling of course rank us and u will gets boots (This gives Rynio). Need New ...
by Kinotsu | May 23 2007
Unleash your zanpaktou!
by Poland138 | Nov 21 2007
New bleach game we DO boost rankers!!!!!!!!! New Shikais coming soon and un ordinary atks!!!! ALL COMING YOUR ...
by Sunkist88 | Sep 25 2007
by Alvinchai | Dec 5 2007
need host contact me now !
The original game, made years ago by Mystical_Light. Open source!
by Naruto025 | Sep 11 2007
[Host needed, read for more info] A dragon ball Z game everyone can enjoy, with a nice pace of training and balance.
by Devil585 | Oct 7 2007
IM working hard on this game hope u enjoy CHECK HUB FOR UPDATES WE UPDATE ALOT
by Reed566 | May 30 2007
Killer-kesner aka Reed566 is Back We Got New Clans Like The 4th Clan And Pein Clan And Some Of dbz And bleach Clans And ...
by Wes1156 | Jul 30 2007
New Game of Anime That Will be anything and everything
by I Melissa I | Dec 19 2007
by Roxas_KeyBlade | Jul 13 2007
KR2 IS NOW OUT!!!!!!!
Version 1.0 This game is completely Orginal. Its a Naruto Game. No Rips here just good Original Fun. but there are a few ...
We r havin technical difficulties hosting the game if anyone is willing to host send me a message at zetsudank@live.com
Welcome to Naruto Reincarnation 3.
by Sechkiesx | Nov 7 2007
Well, I have been thinking about bringing the game back up, but i will have to get back in touch with zues seeing as he ...
Server Fiel ao Anime, Excelente Jogabilidade, Excelentes Gráficos. Server Online há 4 Anos, Venha Conferir
by Nursem | Feb 21 2007
NOT A RIP ANYMORE NOW INCLIDING ( Tea and Moon villages with the first FUUMA CLAN)
by Matt3151 | Oct 15 2006
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Join the Excitement of the World of Naruto
by Mista-mage123 | Aug 9 2006
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Build a team of 3 Naruto Characters and compete against the enemy team!