All FUNimation games are now gone. Drag(*)n balz is no longer a problem.
True enough, but there's still a handful of Dragon Ball games out there, still gaining players through the pager-- look at games like Eternal Power and Transcended Warriors. They're the same thing, with, as I said: a cleaner sense of doing things. But you're all well aware of such a thing... Furthermore, you're correct. Dragon Ball was a lost cause from the beginning... First: Zeta rips, then, Universe rips...
I know, I get alot of pages about them too. There's nothing we can do about those, because they're still allowed to have hubs, whether they're listed or not. So, a small victory is still a victory.

I'm no saying don't allow anime/fangames, I'm just saying we shouldn't have poor quality ones. Let's have the ones that are allowed be worth playing. Maybe someone like me that has never watched Bleach or Naruto could step in and be interested.
I'd say "quality" games for BYOND Anime would be something like MDC's Dragon Ball game, Zane444's Bleach game, and, well, there are no good Naruto games at the moment.
This idea could make the developers of anime games make more than just a few blast attacks and a pbag and create more content.
Zane's game is dead. Just saying. Artwork doesn't always determine the quality of a game. All that has been shown from MDC's game is a video showing movement, targeting, and some hitting. It looks very good, and I am looking forward to it. However, for those others that were not fortunate enough to find good artists(like myself), their low-quality graphics do not write off the gameplay quality.
True enough, Albro1. Of course I'm speaking from opinion and from observations, if you've not noticed I joined May 23, 2011 therefore I'm fairly ignorant when it comes to BYOND quality gaming.
Pfft, if byond decides to limit the number for each anime because of poor quality, the same should be done for any non-anime games. You seem to just be focusing on one section of the site, when the majority of the games aren't to good either. (Yeah, I know most anime games suck. But same could be said for non-anime/fan games) So yeah, gonna have to vote no.
I just want to reiterate that I'm not against anime games existing. We should crack down on the amount of them and promote quality.
Goku proves a valid point but even so, there is poor quality non-anime games but BYOND Anime is the greatest problem concerning rips and poor quality games... I could make a simple game where you walk around as a stick figure picking up chocolate bars, it'd be original, but why publish such a waste of space?

I'm saying: how many games do we need that are about the same concept? What if we had 20+ chess games or something like that?

Why not allow only the better ones to exist?
I'm all for quality control, personally. With any luck, controlling the not-so-good game's population will cause people to see the TRUE competition (I.E. The popular games) And strive to become better than them, instead of just trying to beat some game that averages 3 people on a good day, but thats just my opinion.
Eh, I get where his idea is coming from, he wants the anime section to be more appealing by getting rid of the garbage. But imo, I think that'd be pointless, getting rid of the garbage games would do nothing. I mean, just think about when all the DBZ games were banished. And @ Kirai, I wouldn't say that. The original game section has about.. 20-ish pages of games that are never hosts/never completed.
I won't sit here and pretend to be superior, I'm not. Goku, you're correct. But this is why we should clean the pages up. Since the new system of having to be live for testing-- is good.
Most of them were completed or are in production. They are just very old and have lost their spark, so nobody plays/hosts them anymore.
Why not make such a system where if not live for a set amount of time, remove them? It sounds like a stupid idea, but we could always contemplate such a system.
Don't get me wrong, I don't think you're acting superior or anything. I honestly don't think this idea would be effective. Tell you what, I do think that the majority of those anime games should just be accessible in the slush pile(The ones that are just rips and the ones that can hard be considered games), though.
Even if it isn't my idea, I'd like to see something done.
As would I.
@Kirai: That wouldn't work for the single player games that must be downloaded.
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