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Ninja Origins


Attained 20 kills.


Attained 50 kills.


Attained 100 kills.


Attained 120 kills.


Attained 250 kills.


Attained 500 kills.


Attained 1000 kills.


Attained 2000 kills.

Naruto: New Regions

Village Leader

Became a Leader of a Village


Became A Jounin

Ninja Advancement!

Became a Chuunin

Hebi Leader

Became the Leader of Hebi

Hawk Leader

Became the Leader of Hawk

Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai

Became an ANBU


Obtained 3,500

First Kill

Obtained your First Kill!


Obtained 25 Kills

Shonen Jump Battlers - Season 1

My First Victory!

Fight in a Player Match and Win for the first time!

I'll will be known!

Fight in a Ranking Match and Win for the first time!

Our Fists Will Do The Talking

Fought over 10 Player Matches

I'll get experience!

Fought over 15 Ranking Matches

One Step Closer!

Rank Up to higher ranks in Ranking Matches

We Will Settle This Another Time

Win a match by a Time Out in Ranking Matches

A Battler's Experience Never Stop

Fought your way to reach level 10 as a Battler

Friendly Rivalry

Play 15 Free-For-All Matches in a Brawl Party (8 Party Members)

Experiencing The Battler's Life

Attain over 25,000 Experience through fighting {Season 2 Trophy}

Known By Many

Bought a Character for the first time!

Ultra Special Finish!

Finish your opponent with a Koma Special!

Super Finish!

Finish your opponent with a high combo of 25+

Koma Finish!

Finish your opponent with a Koma Attack

An opening, You are finish!

Surprise your opponent by countering their upcoming attacks!

I'll never let my guard down!

Block any upcoming attacks from an opponent!

My Own Team

Create your own guild or Join one for the first time!

So Close, Yet So Far!

Have ranked up to C Rank in Ranking Matches

Character Specialist!

Have a character who've reached C Rank from any matches!

Personal Party of Hype!

Play 50 Free-For-All Matches in a Brawl Party (8 Party Members)

A Battler Never Give Up!

Fought your way to reach level 30 as a Battler

Survival, The Sole Option

Survive more than 60 waves in Zombie Arcade. (Hard Difficulty Only)

Long Way Ahead!

Attain over 100,000 Experience through fighting {Season 2 Trophy}

Mr.Titles / Mrs.Titles

Own over 30 titles {Season 2 Trophy}

The Willpower of a Battler!

Won over 20 consecutives battles!

Confident Battler

Win a battle with a win rate equal or below 30%

Amazing Comeback!

Defeat your opponent with less than 10% Health in Ranking Matches

SJB Champion

Join a SJB Tournament and Become its Champion

A Battler Is Destined To Fight And Create Bonds

Fought your way to reach level 75 as a Battler

Hero of SJB

Survive more than 120 waves in Zombie Arcade. (Shonen Difficulty Only)

It's All About Perseverance!

Attain over 500,000 Experience through fighting {Season 2 Trophy}

The King of All Battlers

Win a KoB Official Tournament {Season 2 Trophy}

So Much Titles To Handle!

Own over 100 titles {Season 2 Trophy}

The Philosopher of Battling

Attain over 1,000,000 Experience through fighting {Season 2 Trophy}

The Adventure May End, The Journey Doesn't!

Fought your way to reach level 200 as a Battler {Season 2 Trophy}

Zombie Apocalyspe God Survivor

Survive all 200 waves in Zombie Arcade. (The Lee Bros. Difficulty Only)

Dragonball WWA

The Fusion

Complete the 27th Story Mission

Buu's Trick

Complete the 28th Story Mission

Mystic vs Majin

Complete the 29th Story Mission

An Inside Job

Complete the 30th Story Mission

Kid Buu Emerges

Complete the 31st Story Mission

Lucky Number 7

Grant 7 wishes with the Dragonballs

I'm Still Here

Revive 100 times as a Majin

Dende in the Flesh

Heal 400 times as a Namekian

I Hate Monkeys

Kill 50 Saiyans as an Alien

What A Waste

Fail to use your Saiyan Ability 50 times

Too Fast Too Furious

Win 100 clashes

Super Spirit Bomb

Kill 10 people with one spirit bomb


Have 100 ki clash cancels

What A Puny Attack

Win 100 ki clashes


Kill 50 Mercenaries

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Gain 200,000 zenni

Casino Man

Win 20 Gambles


Lose all zenni on a gamble

Speedy Gonzalis

Use After Image 500 times

Ki For Days

Successfully use Android Absorption 500 times

Blasted to Bits

Successfully land 2,000 ki blasts while using accel shot


Successfully land 500 launch combos


Successfully land 1,200 launch combos

Are those Stars Real?

Successfully land dazing punch 2,000 times

Whose Cool Now

Kill at least 30 coolers in the mini-challenge


Kill 100 enemies

Risk Taker

Shoot 500 ki blasts while using Neo Tri Beam


Transform 250 times

Snake Way Demon

Travel Snake Way 500 times

Grind Master

Reach level 200

Highway to Heaven

Reach level cap

Naruto : Clash Of Ninja Storms

Byond Member

This Person was a Byond Member and played Ncons

Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan

Earn Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan

Pro Killer

Kill 500 People


Earn ANBU Rank

Sage Mode

Earn Sage Mode


Activate 8-Inner Gates for the first time

Take Over The World



Become A Legendary Sennin

Jinchuuriki Destiny

Take on the destiny of a Jinchuuriki

Naruto: Next Generation


Pass the Chunin exam

Professional Killer

Kill over 150 people

The Master

Get any stat to 500

New Legend


Naruto Shippuuden World Destruction

Professional Killer

Kill 100 People

Naruto The Ninja World

Next Generation

You are now the Leader and Protector of your village! It is now your turn do as the leaders before you have done, build the bridge to peacefulness with your superb leadership abilities.

Super Strength

One finger is all I need against a guy like you.


You've unlocked the assassin medal! Are you proud of being a hitman?

The Thief

Are you really going to rob me?

Madara's Replacement !?!

You have became the Akatsuki's leader, rule the world with an iron fist, just don't lose your tail to them Village ninja.

Half a Century

You've reached level 50, did it take you half a century to get there?

Masked Special OP

You've joined the special ops team known as the ANBU, you better watch out for missing nin, they tend to use you as transformation material to sneak into the village; so get them before they get you!