I personally like the one on the left because, it isnt as detailed, but the other one on the right is kinda ugly to me. It look's like if it was poorly made. Also if you look closely at the one on the right, ichigo looks more like a girl, not even really looking like ichigo, yea the one on the left doesnt look like ichigo that much, but way better to me than the one on the right.

P.S. Can you choose what vaizard mask you want in this game? because i've been recently playing bleach games, but they choose the mask for you. I for one think thats one of the dumbest things ever, i've actually seen someone remake there entire account on 1 bleach game because they hated which mask they got(the vaizard hachigens) so if your game auto picks the masks, please fix that crap in the game.
I agree with this dude Cameron12. He made some interesting points, plus I looked at the rest of your profile and it seems, if you use new icons now, all the work you've done for everything else would just be for nothing, it would just be work flushed right down the drain. People are really excited about playing this game again, and if you take the time to make all these new icons, it would put the people waiting in a impatient level that i would not like to see. Like I said, the updates you've made to this game look fine, and if you make these new icons it will be for nothing. That's all i have to say on the matter,hope you open the game soon bye.
The best advice I have, is to go ahead and put the game up for the players to play. However, only have it out as an alpha.

That should give you time to work on the art style YOU want for the game (I'm assuming you could use that time for working on that beautiful new base).

When you finish that, then release a beta, to see how it'll fit in the gameplay, then if you feel comfortable with it, have it be the official sprites for the game's official finish.

(Note, updating the game with brand new stuff doesn't necessarily mean you're not done developing it. It just means you're adding more flavor into it.)
I have another thing to say about this new icon selection. You know how people have been commenting stuff like, "you use the old icons it's just like another game rip off", it's not true. Ive only seen like 1 other game with the same icon on the left, and that games a rip off of this game so yea. Another thing is if people have actually played other bleach games on byond they still dont have the same icons, other bleach games on byond have smaller, less detailed icons then the one on the left. You can't say this game's a rip off, because they have MANY differences than the other games. On other bleach games to gain power and train you sit at a dummy and press train all day long, this game is different, it's a lot more exciting and fun filled than other bleach games without the new interface, and icons. Keep the game how it is, it's great like that. Of course make updates, and everything, but don't change the icons like you want it to, those icons are ugly looking (no offense)
just use the nearly done ones then while ppl use low grade you can finsh the high grad and then swap them
Have a feeling the use of icons like the one on the right will negatively impact the arcadish feel of Byond which every one knows and loves.
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