hmm "remedies" about you just sit down and watch spongebob for like 2 hours straight
just do something else for a while. motivation can sometimes simply be an exercise in self-discipline, you're going to have to be willing to pump out greatness, regardless of motivation.
CyberDuelist wrote:
hmm "remedies" about you just sit down and watch spongebob for like 2 hours straight

and thats supose to help O.o
It seems like your afraid of taking chances. You got my faith in you as well as a whole lot of other people who would like this game to come out. think of it like this. If you dont mane the game then you let down a whole lot of people that would have loved to play the game. If you do make the game and it turnned out that people didnt like the you know that you tried and this is the thing that makes most success. Its all about trying. There will be know failure if you make the game so dont worry. I Know the game will turn out great and alot of people will enjouy it. You should never be afraid of taking chances. People who take chances are leaders. I advise that you make the game despite your worries i know and everyone who played will know that you tried which is all that matters. Not everyone can make a game on byond and you can you should be proud of that and proud of yourself. Youve come this far dont turn back now never turn back on something you started.
Man up, the world does not wait for perfect men.
Zane,you have an 159 fans,no stop,complete this game.
I know this is old. But take on an apprentice. Once you have you'll regain the motivation through your teaching to another. Also/Or re watch/read Bleach to regain the motivation from the series. Another Way is to go to deviantart or other sites that specialize in pixel art. Look through them and see things that may be beyond your limit and aim for the high goal of being that great. Best of luck
i lost intrest in anime awhile ago,guess im growing up.also im far too busy to take on 'apprentices'
Well that is bad, no you're not growing up you're giving up! There is no need for them! Ignore the voices in your head. They're the part of you who wants to put you down but YOU need to smash them and keep doing your work! I do it when they enter my head! I don't know If I'm headstrong but if I am you should be too!
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