El Wookie wrote:
Reminds me of Lux from League of Legends. I approve.

Everything reminds you of something from League of Legends.
EmpirezTeam wrote:
Everything reminds you of something from League of Legends.

[2:04:30 PM] NotAnonJustPro: nd I only have 5 quid
[2:04:38 PM] Jack Kemp: thats enough to get into cinema
[2:04:43 PM] NotAnonJustPro: It is?
[2:04:46 PM] Jack Kemp: nearly
[2:04:53 PM] Jack Kemp: i got some change that will make it up
[2:05:14 PM] Jack Kemp: lol

Pretty much.
why the hell is a woman leading a country? that makes no sense.
Looks good, i think most people have covered the issues.

Such as:
The position of the upper part of the breasts seeming to be at a side view, compared to the corset which is more of a direct straight on view and perhaps a little low.

The lower left part of the face seems to be slightly out as well and could do with rounding off a bit.

The top of the left shoulder seems either too high or too far left making it seem rigid and sticking out, you need to work out how to make it look more relaxed or natural.

I'm no artist so feel free to ignore me.

Also this CSS is an improvement as well.
added an update!!
attempted to fix everything;though Im pretty sure i missed something.added more highlights finished skirt.

Thank you all for the constructive

note:made a WIP gif for anyone interested in learning from this piece.
The boobs are a bit more enticing now, but she is still missing a foot unfortunately.

You get an A- until she has a second foot instead of a peg leg.
Great good job, do the almighty zane character that will be in the game after her.
D: peg legs are sexy...
but seriously,im working on that, i just cant seem to get it right o.o noting that Im not using reference and going strictly from imagination and memory.
Still think the left leg is a lil off but looking better
Zane i get the feeling she is the Sasuke of your game.
Actually these figures play minor roles besides assisting with remedial tasks and quests and making a better story for spirit age. basically they will fill in the blanks.

every game needs a bad ass vixen in my opinion :3

a bad ass sexy vixen
I was kinda curious as to what the big deal is with that foot. Then I tried it and i noticed it was hard, rofl. http://i39.tinypic.com/2nm3ct0.png

-I did A extremely quickly. Then I said to myself, what if it could be more drastic. Then came B...Then came C. I think if you play around with those you'll get something you like.

(Also did a minor edit on the left arm, Seeing as how the right arm curves in, I figured the left should do the same (red for deletion)

-White/Black are normally too intense/eye unfriendly to use as backgrounds. Id stick with purple.

-She looked better with those red eyes and that string falling from her hair (at least I liked the more sexy but menacing vibe). Now she looks too nice.

-I'm not sure if white is the color you want to use as the top highlight...I think its over doing it. (Depends on what you feel anyway).
Took Hulio-G's edit and edited it. Frame 4 is the edit I liked best.


I think red hair looks better on her :P
I like the red too for some reason. It kinda goes with the sword.
o.o the red hair does seem to suit her well, ill try a few other pallet swaps just to see how it goes.

allllsssooo! I've added another pose of her which is still in heavy WIP.

used a slightly higher resolution

upped the color count which may again be reduced by the time the sprite is completed.

I didn't do an edit, just some on-screen critique. I think it'll benefit. I didn't look at much else, cause the feet were the biggest issue to me (which wasn't too big of one, but it bugged me).

EDIT: Looked at Pandora's edit, the most I would take from it is the red hair, but I'd desaturate it a bit.
Looking at all this will post an update sometime tommorrow.but for now Im heading to bed, gots work in the morning.
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