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Turles was in the Shrine to Poseidon one day training his cosmo by meditating.Then he can sense the cosmo of Oarus comming and he gets up to meet him.Oarus tells him of Hades tourniment and this news causes some concern in his heart.He says to Oarus"Lets spar to increase out power" as he begins to lower his cosmo.

When he has reached the lowest level of cosmo and Oarus has dont the same he crouches into a sparring stance and waits till Oarus is ready.When they are ready both of the Marines begin to battle.Turles and Oarus exchange blows for several hours.Turles sparrs all the while blood is draind from him.He keeps fighting even though is is being weakend by the loss of blood.After a while he gets so weak he has to stop and recover.

When Turles has recovered his strangth and had some food to replace the blood he lost he jumps back into sparring with Oarus and begins punching.His and Oarus bodys fight the currents of the deep sea to exchange blows.As he spars he can feel his body and cosmo becoming stronger.His sparring with Oarus begins to pay off as he keeps exchanging blows with Oarus.Turles makes shure to push himself as far as he can bafore he has to rest.When he is done resting he jumps back into sparring with the Elite Kappa Marine Oarus. *

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