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by Magicsofa | Dec 19 2012
Tags: action, shooter
At Symbol Causes Inexcusable Injuries
by Xooxer | Sep 7 2006
Tags: chat
Still the greatest chat program on BYOND!
Rogue-like action! Child-like graphics!
by Mr_Goober | Oct 3 2014
A small ORPG designed with Gameboy-styled tones.

Zecronious' Favorite Resources

Super efficient automatic targeting
by Red Hall Dev | Jul 1
Tags: crafting
The definitive crafting demo.
by Red Hall Dev | Sep 13 2012
Closed Project, Hardware Failure.
by Red Hall Dev | Jun 26
Tags: names, text
Display player/object names under their icon.
by Metamorphman | Dec 18 2011
quick and easy text and savefile editing utility

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