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Jan 1 2013, 2:58 am
Zetetsu can you teach me how to host a server :(
Nov 18 2012, 7:59 pm
zetetsu can i please have the password to your server?
I was the one who helped you with egyption god cards (Seto Kaiba).

Nov 11 2012, 7:52 pm
can u ban lee kin son from cfc server? he is spammer in this 2 days
Oct 25 2012, 2:30 am
how do i play vanguard here?

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Zetetsu's Favorite Games

by Zete | Nov 30 2013
Tags: action, fantasy, rpg
by IainPeregrine | Sep 18 2010
A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch
by SuperAntx | Dec 18 2009
Take part in an epic battle over a colored piece of cloth.
It's time to Duel!
by OriginalSyn | Feb 5 2013
The official continuation of Empire.
An immersive fantasy world designed around creative writing. Role-playing mandatory.
by Ryan-hemsley | Sep 27 2013
A new game in develepment based on the anime Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima.
No Rank Benefits, Just fun balanced and original Gameplay.
by Flame Sage | Feb 10 2011
Tags: cards, strategy
A exciting word-based card game!
Will you be the next Hero of our Destiny? RP Fighting Style Game.
A roleplaying game mixing mythology with sci-fi.
by Finale Entertainment | Oct 16 2014
Tags: anime
The original reborn is back
by AngryRaccoon | Jul 18 2012
A GOA Based Naruto game auto lvl's training is easy become the strongest ninja alive and destroy your enemy's
by Atriosv3 | Sep 4 2012
The best managed and developed GOA game. Well balanced game
by Razy 33 | Oct 27 2012
A Naruto game that is never seen before.
by The4thArty | Jul 12 2013
Tags: fangame
Enter the world of pokemon in this epic story where you will encounter varies pokemon and trainers alike
by MasterBraska | Dec 5 2011
A school, a murder and a killer, can you survive the round?
by Zete | Sep 11 2009
Tags: fangame
An Online Turn-Based Strategy RPG - Play as a Team!
Relive the glory days of gaming with a new single-player RPG. Regressia is a BYOND game like no other. It is 100% ...
by Devourer Of Souls | May 29 2013
Tags: building, rpg
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting. All legends have their truths...
Fate is the eternal cycle of judgment, Only few chosen will able to break this Fate, will you be one of the chosen?
by Twaon | May 12 2013
A bundle of different types of text based games.

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