AoE Skill Demo

by Spunky_Girl
Explains how to program basic AoE skill verbs with added FX [More]
To download this demo for your Linux/Mac installation, enter this on your command line:

DreamDownload byond://Spunky_Girl.AoESkillDemo##version=12

Emulator users, in the BYOND pager go to File | Open Location and enter this URL:


Version v2.2
Date added: Feb 17 2009
Last updated: Mar 11 2009
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My very first demo :D Hope you like it!

v1.1 updates
- Changed view() to oview() so that you don't attack yourself xD
- Added a delay to the verb to prevent spamming
- Added an NPC

v1.2 updates
- Changed oview() BACK to view(), and added a check to see if M!=src in the 'parameter'

v1.3 updates
- Changed view() to orange() x_x
- Added a "distance" calculator that will add to the dmg var the closer a mob is to the user
- Made the NPC's density 0 to test the user's location when using the verb (so you might wanna change the density back to 1 in your game!)

v1.4 updates
- Moved the dmg var calculator and distance calculator to a new procedure
- Added more NPCs so that you can test each "level" of damage of the verb
- Fixed the Execution arg reference in the new() function

v1.5 updates
- Changed view(M) to viewers(M)
- Modified the New() procs' call parent function (..()) for better efficiency
- Removed usr abuse in the verb
- Closed the centering tag in the Login() proc

v1.6 updates
- Added a proc for damage text to promote modular programming
- Reorganized the mob variables and definitions to promote the use of inheritance

v1.7 updates
- Made the AoE_Damage() proc flexible to ANY radius the AoE_Attack verb has defined upon being called
- Made the Execution() proc flexible to ANY radius the AoE_Attack verb has defined upon being called
- Made the AoE_Attack() verb flexible to ANY radius you define
- Took out the unused Kills variable
- Put the Login() proc under /mob/Player (NPCs don't login, do they o.O)

v2.0 updates
- Added a new AoE verb that utilizes multi-tiled FX

v2.1 updates
- Made the new concept AoE verb unspammable (oopsie hehe ^-^;)

v2.1b updates
- Forgot to add an if() check to make the new concept AoE verb unspammable - D'oh! v.v

v2.2 updates
- Made the Circular_AoE verb more efficient with typesof() instead of using a predefined list of objs
- Took out all those comments; they were such an eyesore, agreed?