by Bloodocean7
A Dark Simulation Game.
This is my second game, First made as a joke and I took it further.

In this game you are a opium addict. You have to earn cash to feed your addiction and you must avoid the law
while raising as much cash as you can.

You can:

Rob stores
Buy Guns
Work for the mob
Sell Cocaine
Buy heroin
fight the police
and more!

Finish the game by talking to the mob boss and submit the amount of cash you earned to the high scores and see who's the slickest and most durable addict!

I hope you will enjoy this title :)

I learned a lot about coding from this project and I will use the information gained to make great games in the near future!

FeedBack Is welcome! As this is my second game on byond I hope to hear your thoughts!

This was made by Bloodocean7 alone with no budget.

I am trying to find an artist so in the mean time my art in my games is a tad odd but I like to think I'm improving. :)

Thanks for playing!
Hello BloodOcean7. I absolutely love the way you make your games. I also wish you learn a lot about programming by making ORIGINAL games. You have a great will that I won't, and will never, underestimate. You make me want to get better at, not only Programming but, Pixel art. I really hope the best for you and as well to go further in your projects!
In response to Haiji
Haiji wrote:
learn a lot about programming by making ORIGINAL games.

Why original? You can learn just as much making a fan game, I assume you mean a non-rip.

And good luck to you sir, you seem to be making a game that no one else has even attempted. I do have a slight concern that the content of your game could be flagged as inappropriate, denying you a hub. But otherwise go for it. :D

Thank you Haiji and GreatFisher for your kind words. :)

I know it's a strange concept for a game but I try to be original and come up with my own ideas. :) I have a few more games in the works and I'm always thinking of more ideas. :)

I hope you guys will continue to look out for my Games and give me your feedback as I appreciate it greatly. :)

It has been my dream to make games and have people enjoy them and after a lot of learning and trying many engines byond stuck with me, and I'm finally throwing my hat into the indie game scene. :)

Thank you again for the Feed Back :)

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Have you ever programmed before joining BYOND if not, then if you have enough patience until you can make a successful game then your game will certainly be successful.
In response to Haiji
I have been learning to program for several years on my own from time to time as a hobby. However, Byond always was a fun language to learn and came more simply to me than others. I have made dozens of unfinished games in my attempts to learn programming. Finally I had the will and knowledge to finish a game, I then made Immortal Dream. Sunshine is my second finished title and my third will be coming out in a week or two. :) I hope to make many more unique and fun games and release them for everyone to enjoy. :)

Thank you for playing my Games it means a lot to me and it makes me happy to see people enjoy my work. :)

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I enjoy and hope the best for your games!