Create Mini Map

by CauTi0N
Minimap / Screenshot generator!
Basically, read the notes on implementation. It's basically a plug and play if you include one simple verb!

Enjoy! :D

Version History:
- Version 2.2: December 8, 2010 by CauTi0N
- Fixed an issue with the Screenshot portion of the procedure. (CauTi0N & Forum_account)

- Version 2.1: December 7, 2010 by CauTi0N
- Fixed an issue when you downloaded the icon, it wasn't properly scaled. (CauTi0N)

- Version 2.0: December 7, 2010 by CauTi0N
- Fixed efficiency (complete overhaul) where it would check in block()s rather than the world. (Forum_account finding)
- Included the ability to choose a view() or the whole world rather than 6 arguments; shortened to two arguments that don't need to be set. (Forum_account finding)
- Factored in the direction of the atoms found (CauTi0N finding)
- Took out the priority system, relying now on the natural layers (Forum_account finding)

- Version 1.1: December 6, 2010 by CauTi0N
- Fixed an error where if you were to map outside the bounds of the world (<1,>maxx) or (<1,>maxy) then the library would cause errors. (CauTi0N finding)

- Version 1: Completed December 3, 2010 by CauTi0N
- Allows support for all turfs, objects, and mobs to be captured and saved as an icon. (If you want datums to be mapped as well, just specify the var_priority as instructed in </1></1>
Very effective to create static maps. Using in our game.
i always get a 'installation failed' mensage when i try to download this lib.