Naruto Rise Of The Fallen

by FonTaicho
Naruto Rise Of The Fallen
"That which has Fallen, Shall only Rise again."
All new players should click here to go to the rules

In Case you do not want to see my work of art containing the rules....I have been kind enough to type it out. Enjoy!

Player Rules:
1. No AFK Training is Allowed.
2. Do NOT Death Avoid by logging off.
3. Do NOT Avoid the Filter.
4. Do NOT Ask for edits unless you are bugged.
5. Multikeying is NOT Allowed.
6. Be respectful to other players and Admins
7. Do NOT Abuse bugs report them immediately.
8. Do NOT Safe Zone Attack.
Consequences for Rule Violations are:
Warning, Boot, Ban

GM/Admin/Owner Rules:
1. DO NOT Edit yourself or others unless it is a bug fix.
2. Do NOT Disrespect Players.
3. Do NOT Abuse your powers.
4. You Are required to follow All Player Rules as well.
Consequences for Rule Violations are:
Warning, Demotion, Ban

Your Main Staff Heirarchy and Positions:
Main Coder/Owner: Nato
Publisher/Co Owner: Fon
Iconner/Co Owner: Grim
Mapper/Co Owner: Reborn
Host: Cam

There are others not listed but they are just as important I just cannot remember their names.


Until Further Notice do not make a Toad Sage!!!!!
Hey guys, just letting you know Dream Seeker is crashing and I've reinstalled plus upgraded to Beta version. Not sure what's going on. Please give me suggestions/fixes. Thanks!

- Blaine
Miss the game, re-up soon <3
I'am Making my Admin App Here because i tried to Join the Forums and it Did'nt Work,Iam Using this Account Because i can't Remember my Password of my Main,
Name in Game:Juugo(Key:Bonez_Collector)
Running For Spot:any type of Admin.
Experience Being Staff Member in other Games:I Main owned Naruto One's Will,I was Owner in Naruto Mitsudomoe,I was Co Owner in Naruto Izou.
Reason that i want TO be Staff Member:(I've alot of Experience Being Staff Member in other games and i think I'll be Good Being an Admin in NROTF!
Thank you for You'r Time,
Yay the game is up again, why didn't anyone tell me?!>!
Please don't spam your game here, thanks.
Why is funny game down
Friends hello i can host funny game. Am good host. Am promise good time.
If the game goes down it will be up around 3:00pm <3
when is the game gonna be back up?
when the server will be back??
Y doesnt anyone play this anymore it goes from high rate to low rate of players i been on for hours adn barely anyone logged on :/
Any idea when the game is going to come back? this game was awesome and still probably is, but how come it's been down for so long?